Packet Editors and Sniffers

this is section where to talk about your favorite tools and also questions about them.
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Packet Editors and Sniffers

Post by Sethioz »

here's a list of packet sniffers and editors, with few comments about them:

CommView - This is what i'm using. It is most flexible and easy to use. it allows you to change rules/filters while capturing. so changes takes effect right away. I really like this tool, it also has the option to capture packets only from one process (the one you specifiy).

Etherpeek - their site sucks, so couldnt find a link to Etherpeek directly. It also has lot of options and features, but there is nothing that commview doesn't have.

WPE Pro - a packet editor/sniffer that attaches itself to a process. works great on msn (commview and such won't be able to send packets directly into msn, they can, but you need to modify few values) It is quite good tool to hack MMO games and MSN, but it barely has any features/options.

Ethereal - quite poor packet tool. i have used it only few times and didn't like it. poor features and interface.

WireShark - quite crappy one. only tried it once. its based on Ethereal

Proxocket - awsome tool by Luigi. allows you to capture all data sent/recieved by a program. unlike other packet programs, it does not have any .exe. it is .dll based. you simply drop a .dll into program's folder and it will capture all traffic made by that program and saves it into .cap file (it can be read with most packet tools, commview, wireshark..etc) It also allows you to make custom .dll files which can contain filters you make. block ip, block port, replace data..etc.
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