Cyberpunk 2077 - Queen of the highway - game freezes / crashes [FIX]

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Cyberpunk 2077 - Queen of the highway - game freezes / crashes [FIX]

Post by Sethioz »

It seems like lot of people are still having issues with "queen of the highway" mission where game either freezes while in basilisk tank (audio continues) or crashes after V passes out.

if your game freezes in tank, then it's related to mods.
you don't have to remove all mods and figure out what is what, there's a very SIMPLE SOLUTION:
go into your \Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\ folder and find the files:

if you don't have both of them, that's fine. either move both files out of the game folder (like onto your desktop) or rename their extension to like .dll.bak, so both files are no longer .dll files.
for example i did:
version.dll > version.dll.bak
winmm.dll > winmm.dll.bak

launch the game, it will complain about some stuff missing / not working, but just click ok and game will start without mods.
this will get you past the game freeze while in tank. finish the mission, save your game and revert the changes.

If game crashes when V passes out, this could be related to mods or graphics. there have been some rare cases where people have got past it by turning graphics settings to minimum, but i suspect that's because dumb retards run unlocked FPS and frying their PC while playing, which is why it crashes.
in that case turn on vsync or limit fps to what your monitor supports.
unlocked fps is for stress testing or benchmarking only, if you're not stress testing or benchmarking, then learn to limit your FPS by either using vsync or lock your FPS (using in-game option or in your graphics card software settings).

I strongly recommend turning off mods first, most crashes are related to mods, but in some games certain graphics settings maybe broken aswell. for example in starfield, low shadows were broken and caused glitching and crashes. try all 3 options, start with disabling mods, move to locking FPS (this should be done in every game) and then try lower graphics settings.
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