CS2 / Counter-Strike 2 tactics / how to play basics guide 4 beginners

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CS2 / Counter-Strike 2 tactics / how to play basics guide 4 beginners

Post by Sethioz »

At some point i will make a video, but for now i just want to post some quick notes on how to be better in Counter-Strike 2 / CS2
it's just a "quick" guide / tutorial on how to play cs2 without being detected as noob or total idiot, cuz there sure as hell are lot of idiots in cs2 these days.

1) Minimap zoom and size: in game settings, change minimap scale to 0.25. you can't do this by using the slider as it will only go to 0.5, you have to manually type 0.25 and press enter! This makes minimap zoom out enough so you can see entire map, which is IMPORTANT for various reasons i will list.

2) Spotted enemies and bomb are instantly marked on minimap when spotted, so stop screaming for "info" and look on minimap.

3) Noise you make, is marked on minimap aswell. while running or making other noise (like swinging a knife), look on minimap and you notice a ripple/circle appear around your marker, this indicates how far the noise travels. so if enemy is within that circle, they can HEAR YOU! so when running or doing other things that make noise, look on minimap to see how far that noise travels. shooting will travel across entire map.

4) when hiding in corners or other places, often your gun or player model is sticking out. one place is on inferno, between banana and B site. there's a known camping spot behind those bags, but when someone is crouching there, their gun or legs are sticking out and enemy will see you before you see them. lot of players camp there and then call wallhacks when they get prefired. same happens in many other places. AWP, scout and M4A1-S stick out the most as they're quite long, but any weapon that is long can stick out when trying to hide.

5) when going around corners, always aim at head level. this can often get you instant headshot in case enemy pops up.

6) DO NOT crouch walk around corners. crouch walking is bad idea in most situations, it's only good for places where your head would stick out if you don't crouch, otherwise crouch walking is very bad idea. WHY? because when crouch walking around corners, your knees/feet are much wider than when you standing, so when crouch walker vs standing player, then standing player will see crouch-walkers feet/knees before he sees the standing player, which results in crouch-walker getting prefired (from their POV).

7) don't shoot while on ladder, because your accuracy is reduce by a good 90%. you won't be able to hit enemy even if his very close, you might get lucky with some stray bullet, but 9/10 cases if you shoot from ladder, you will lose. good examples are on nuke and mirage, where some idiots shoot from ladder and literally miss entire mag.

8) learn general positioning - look on minimap and pay attention to where your teammates are looking, it's indicated by the arrow on minimap. DO NOT look in same direction than your teammate. one of the places that pisses me off is mirage on CT side, noobs never get it right, cuz they have tunnel vision and no common sense. you need 3A, one looks palace, one looks ramp and one covers connector, but idiots always get it wrong. someone goes under the palace, so he can't help until they rush in already, which means 1 person alone has to cover ramp, connector and palace, which is impossible. if they rush in at same time, you're dead or you can pull back to CT, but in that case the other noob under ladder will die.
so always pay attention to what others are doing, cover their back and look where nobody else is looking.
if you're bad at covering certain place, just try a different place, don't force it.

9) be aware of what your teammates are doing - not just positioning, but also pay attention to how much money your teammates have and if they eco or buy. i see so many noobs do this, someone buys and someone doesn't. reason WHY it's so important, is because if 2 players force buy and 3 eco, then only 40% of team have half the gear, while others have only pistols, then next round when 3 players can full-buy, those 2 idiots who didn't eco, can't buy and have to force-buy again, which results in only 60% of team having full gear.
that's why you can't have those selfish retards in team, cuz they drag entire team down with their stupidity.
you have to pay attention where the go aswell, don't clog up in same area, cuz you end up blocking eachother and do more harm than good.

10) IMPORTANCE of footsteps - as said before, look on minimap to learn how far footsteps and other sounds spread, most noobs have no idea just how far footsteps spread, so they tramp like horses and then whine when they get prefired and think it was wallhack. one good example is mirage, sometimes CT side rushes T ramp and if there's nobdoy there, they think they are so smart (not) and want to rush behind the ones that push mid, but when you run past T spawn, those footsteps can clearly be heard in mid.

11) IMPORTANT of other sounds - footsteps and gunshots are NOT only sounds you can hear, here's list of sounds that enemy can hear:
+ footsteps
+ gunshots
+ pulling a pin on grenade
+ dropping / picking up the bomb
+ reloading + dropping the mag after reload
+ scope zoom (in recent patch they made it much louder aswell)
+ hostage breathing (when picked up), this is one of the quietest sounds and i think 99% of players are too stupid to realize this. for example on office map, when CT picks up hostage and you don't know which direction he goes, then you can stand behind that wall, near the sink. it's between long and short and just LISTEN for hostage breathing sound. i have done this many times and i know that CT can't get past you without you hearing the sound, so there's no point in dancing around and peeking and wondering where CT is, cuz you can literally hear the hostage.
+ swinging a knife (shows on minimap, it's quieter and has less range than footsteps, but still loud)
+ planting a bomb
+ defusing a bomb
+ dropping a weapon or grenade

12) fake bomb planting / defusing has become quite trendy, about 90% of players do that, BUT there are also idiots who fake plant/defuse and then step .. like why? how autistic can one be? if you STEP after you fake plant/defuse, then enemy can HEAR that footstep. this literally makes 0 sense. if you are planting/defusing, you're not able to move, which means if enemy hears you step, they instantly know you faked.
the person stepping after fake defuse must literally have 0 brain, because if you believe that enemy can hear the fake plant/defuse, then how can that person NOT understand that enemy can also hear your steps after you fake?
so when faking, DO NOT step after. same goes for when going from crouch to walk, lot of players make that 1 step between, which gives away their position.

13) How to make difference between friendly and enemy grenades: this one is easy, when friendly throws a nade, then there's in-game character voice saying something like "smoke out" or "flashbang!" and it also appears in the chat area, when enemy throws a nade, there's no callout.

14) DO NOT play with music or other background noises. this is common sense really, if you play with any distracting sounds on background, you won't be able to hear vital sounds that enemies make, such as dropping a bomb. personally i find it very irritating, cuz 99% of players can't hear the bomb dropping sound. often T-side drops the bomb before peeking the corner, but they're too stupid to realize that dropping the bomb makes sound.

15) when planting the bomb, try to plant it OUT IN THE OPEN. this is another annoying thing, most players hide the bomb in the worst fucking place possible, they put it behind some box or in corner, which makes it EASY for CTs to defuse it, but makes it HARD for T-side to defend it. if you're not sure if site is empty and you suspect there might be some CTs lurking, then yes, put it in first place you CAN, but when site is empty and you know it (this is why you set minimap to 0.25, so you can see entire map), like when remaining enemies are marked on map or called out by teammates, then plant it in most visible place!

16) once bomb is down, then HIDE and wait for defuse! do not dance around and try to engage CTs before they get to bomb, this is how you die and lose! only exception being if you're AWP and you have really good angle where you have huge advantage. like banana on inferno, you can AWP banana and prevent them from rushing in, but in most cases just hide and WAIT. if you hear CTs run around, don't try to prefire them, just sit and wait, if they come directly at you and you know they will see you for sure if they go any further, then make first move, otherwise just wait.
on inferno, CT side, there are 2 corners before B-site and most of the time CTs never check there when they rush to defuse. you can camp there and wait for them to get past you, then shoot them in the back.

17) DO NOT line up like ducks, i've seen it so many times where noobs line up and then 3-5 of them die almost instantly to 1 single enemy. this is specially stupid in tight areas, again good example being banana on inferno. even when rushing, don't line up and always be ready for enemy to pop out.

18) DO NOT hunt remaining enemies. whetever you are CT or T, if there's like 5 vs 2 or 3 vs 1 ..etc, DO NOT assume that it's easy win, cuz i have seen this more than enough where my team gets 3-4 kills instantly and then they start stomping around and hunting for that last enemy and he mowes them down 1 by 1, cuz those idiots just keep stomping and making so much noise, it's so easy for enemy to pick them 1 by 1 and then it's just me vs last enemy and you don't always win in those situations, then they all blame me for losing, when they were the retards who pushed that last enemy instead of fucking waiting.

19) DO NOT rush after first enemy you see, that's most annoying when 3-4 players just rush after first enemy and assume it's A, when they haven't even seen the bomb. they all rush A and someone plants in B. i've done it myself against noob enemies who have 0 awareness and 0 brain. i ask my team to fake A, while i sneak to B and wait until i hear them stomping away like horses, then i plant and hide. if my team has brain, they stop engaging and wait until CTs rotate and then they stab them in the back, EZ WIN!

20) when on CT side and you get bomber down, then go guard the bomb, DO NOT hunt or rush around, just find a camping place and wait it out. T side can't win without killing all CT or planting.

21) DO NOT rush on CT side. in most cases rushing on CT side will get you killed, whole idea of CT and T, is that it's much easier to defend, that's why usually 2 defenders can win against 4-5 rushing enemies. use smoke and fire to repell them.

22) DO NOT play competitive / premier as deathmatch, because it is NOT deathmatch! counting kills is the most noobish thing you can do. i'm so fed up and sick of those autisitc drooltards who only count kills and get triggered if you don't get enough kills. kills mean nothing. i can rush and trade kills in every match, but it won't win the round. i have literally won the round without shooting a single shot. i often go sneaky-peaky with bomb, i wait until CTs rotate and plant, then i use smoke and fire and waste their time.
if you look at tournaments, you will notice that backup / guard players have very low kills. like AWP players, their job is to shut down the area and not let anyone thru. pro players hit almost every AWP shot, so other team has no choice and they have to go around, in that case AWP players either gets 1 kill or no kills, but keeps enemies away from that area, which makes it much easier for rest of the team. you can do same with smoke and fire. it won't get you damage or kills, but greatly helps your team.

23) when on T side and bomb is down, you don't have to kill all remaining CTs, you just have to waste their time long enough so they can't defuse. lot of players play only for kills and lose the round cuz they weren't careful enough.

24) You can visually see if CT has defuse kit or not, it's the bagged belt thing on their back. it also drops and can be picked up by another CT! so for example if you know there's less than 10 secs left when CT starts defusing and you don't see the kit on him, then you can just leave as he won't have time to defuse.

25) LEARN TO ECO - i'm personally so sick of those fucktards who just force buy in every round and then they get triggered on those who have more money. they think others have to waste their money on them. i get that some players don't die often and get some kills, so they have lot more money and sometimes it's nice if teammate drops, but your teammates are NOT your personal bank. so don't get triggered if you're the idiot who never ecos.

26) DO NOT throw grenades randomly, if you buy grenades, learn to use them! one of the most annoying thing is when idiots throw decoys randomly, it just fucking makes noise and as result i can't hear the enemy properly, but same goes for other nades. lot of players buy full nades every round, but have no idea how to use them. some have total awareness of potato that they don't even notice they have nades. they plant the bomb and have smoke and fire, but they just dance around and die to CT ... when they could have used smoke and fire to keep CTs away and most likely win the round.

26.1) FLASHBANGS HAVE RANGE: most players don't know that flashbangs have range and they randomly just throw them, mostly on inferno, but also on other maps, noobs have no idea that if they flash THEIR SIDE of mid, then it has no effect on enemy. that's literally wasted flashbang. enemy can stand on other side of mid while flash goes off and they won't get blinded, not even for split second. flashbangs should only be used when you know that there are some enemies, then you flash and peek and hopefully catch blinded enemy, but DO NOT just throw them at random. even if you're able to flash the enemy, what is the point if you don't take advantage of it?
another good example is on mirage. i like to camp on top of the box or the guard booth on CT side and often T side throws like 2-4 flashes and pushes in, but they throw flashes on THEIR SIDE, which has no effect on me, so they rush right into my crosshair lol.

27) Smoke and defuse/plant: if you have a smoke, use it to cover yourself when planting or defusing. when you're CT and bomb is down and you have smoke, cover bomb with smoke and defuse inside smoke. it's more tricky, but you can try and mask the defusing sound with the smoke popping sound, if you know the exact time it takes for smoke to pop, then you can try and time it, so there's chance enemy won't hear you defusing.

28) learn to rotate: if you're pushing, but there's too many enemies and they rotate aswell, then just STOP and go back. maybe leave 1 player behind who makes sound and wastes their time. this means that the player who stays behind, doesn't have to play for kills, he just has to waste their time and pretend like you're still pushing that site, while others rotate.

29) HAVE PATIENCE: just generally, be patient and don't itch around. if there's not much action where you are, don't start itching around. just wait. if you haven't noticed bomb on minimap and nobody has said "we got bomb", then don't move. stay and guard the site. same goes when on T side, don't even assume that site is empty, just cuz you can't hear anything. there are 2 good sayings "early bird gets the worm", but even better saying is "second mouse gets the cheese" .. basically it means, you can rush and get lucky .. OR you can rush and fall into a trap and die.

30) use practice mode to learn recoil patterns and grenade throws. also good idea to learn wallbanging places, like the wooden wall on ancient or the wooden floor near palace on mirage. enable infinite ammo and learn those places, it can come in handy. there are lot of camping spots that you can shoot into thru certain walls.

I'll update this list if i come up with anything else, this is just a quick post for beginners from back of my head.
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