Starfield optimization - boost frame rate / bug fixes / crash fixes

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Starfield optimization - boost frame rate / bug fixes / crash fixes

Post by Sethioz »

Starfield is extremely badly optimized game to begin with, so we need mods and tweaks to make it somewhat bareable and here's list of things you can do to make Starfield playable on non super computers.

Starfield crashes in same spot / unable to proceed with mission / stuck in same spot

<<< BUG >>>
game crashes in same exact spot, every time. sometimes making it impossible to proceed with mission.
in my case, this happened when i had to talk to some person and it was mission critical, so i was unable to proceed.

<<< FIX >>>
just watch the following video and learn how to fix/bypass the bug.

Starfield further performance optimization by editing files

this guide shows you some tricks and tips on how to further optimize Starfield by editing some .ini files
it's quite easy, just follow the steps shown in this video below:

Starfield how to fix black shadows

<<< BUG >>>
right at start of the game, everything seems very dark and black and glitched. shadows seem to be extremely dark and you can't really see anything.
aka black shadows aka blank shadows bug.

<<< FIX >>>
follow this video, it's quite easy, but it's best if you just watch the video. you have to change some graphics settings in nvidia / amd control panel and delete some cached files to make game reload them.

Starfield how to significantly improve FPS on higher resolutions

this video shows you a trick how to significantly improve FPS on higher resolutions, since starfield devs are dumb and didn't add exclusive fullscreen, it makes it impossible to change to lower resolutions. personally i have 4k monitor, but starfield lags to like 10-20fps in 4k, that's not accetable. i'm not able to change reoslution as devs are too incompetent and dumb to add option for it, so i must use the following method to downscale it.

Starfield low resolution textures (boosts FPS) aka potato mode
i don't have a video on it, but it's quite easy, just grab the mods from nexus mods.
like these:
Performance texture pack for Starfield
Starfield optimized textures

just search nexus mods for textures, there's also some potato mod (literally), which claims it has super low resolution textures, however from experience, lowering texture resolution doesn't really improve frame rate, it's good for graphics cards that have less VRAM.
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