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Post by Sethioz »

i just noticed that is blocking all the premium VPN services, aswell as all the free proxy services, including TOR network.
imagine a hacking website that blocks anonynimity ... oh wait, you don't have to imagine! they're actually doing it, how retarded can they be?

do you really expect legit people to visit a hacking website? anyone who is interested in hacking, would most likely be using TOR browser or anonymous VPN, but those retards are blocking it all. In fact they also block many IPs manually and most ISPs nowdays have dynamic IP, so if someone does something with the IP and then it's assigned to another person, those retards have blocked it and as result you can't access their website either. cockstar games is doing same btw, this is exactly what happend to me once. my ISP rotates IPs on daily basis, i got already banned IP and as result i was unable to play GTA 5 online. worst practice is to ban IPs, because real hackers don't use their own IP to do bad things, so you only end up banning somebody else who has nothing to do with it.

I can understand if you ban some known public proxies that have been used for mass spamming and DDoS, but blocking premium and paid services? how retarded are you?

that's a good way to drive people away from your website, great job! what a genius idea blocking people who are most likely to visit your website.

why make this post now? because i was searching something on google and found one article pointing to guidedhacking and i'm unable to access it.
i'm all about security and anonymity, i give middle finger to anyone who tries to track me and spy on me, therefore it is impossible for me to visit internet without being anonymous. i run a linux router that runs VPN by default, i'm not going to disable this just to visit one website, that's absurd!
also i can't stand this racist shit going on these days, i want all my website to be in ENGLISH by default, but when i use different country IP, then websites turn RACIST and automatically show it in some bumba womba language, yea they can stick that racist shit up their anushole. fucking racist little retards everywhere.
English is language of internet, DEAL WITH IT! if any other language would be used for programming and internet, then this is what i'd be speaking, but that just isn't so. english is and always will be the master language, so fuck off with your racist shit, really pisses me off.

i'm talking about programming languages being in english, like "and" "or" "else if" and such stuff in programming, it's impossible to program in otherl anguage. you might write a program to translate it, but ultimately in order to compile the program and make it work on windows or linux (or any other OS), you must compile it in ENGLISH or operating systems simply are not able to read it, therefore ENGLISH is the language that is needed to run a computer.
all those chinese and russkie programmers have to program in english aswell, i bet it eats their shit out of their ass, but they are still doing it.

anyway, fuck you guidedhacking .. once a great website has gone down the path of retarded baggots. why not just take your website down completely, because 90% of people who are interested, are not able to visit you anyways.

or maybe they got bought off by government (wouldn't be surprised) and they are doing this so that they can track and spy on people who visit it. if you visit a specific article, then governments can cross-reference this with your other searches on google, they can see your IP history and what you been searching for, so they can predict what you have been doing and based on that they can predict what you might do.

for example if you look up certain hacking articles and then someone makes a similar hack, breaking into some website or server, then they have a pretty good idea who might have done it.

this is one of the reasons why i never going to use internet without anonymous VPN anymore, there's too many conspiracies and spying going on, you can't trust your own ISP anymore either. in fact there are some online tools that can check IP history, google has been actively removing those results, but you can use something like yandex to find them. YES google is removing lot of results that may expose some private info, such as IP history.

anyway, speaking of anonymous VPN. i suggest using (not same as TOR). it's high-speed and they have many locations available.
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