Elite Dangerous (horizons 4.0 & odyssey) hacking & trainers

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Elite Dangerous (horizons 4.0 & odyssey) hacking & trainers

Post by Sethioz »

I haven't looked into it much and I won't be using my own account for those purposes, but I can tell you that you can easily use cheat engine on ED without issues.
It seems like ED has something called "watchdog", but it doesn't seem to be anti-cheat, it seems more like something that checks certain actions between client and server. for example it's not possible to hack ARX. I tried changing ARX and changing prices to 0, but none takes, so I assume "watchdog" is the process that is responsible for it.
You don't get banned for it, you just receive some server error.

I have looked at some other topic and they're saying that some people have got banned, but that's because they used damage resistance and damage hacks to kill many thargoids. They also claimed they used infinite fuel cheats. It would make sense that they got banned, because they made so much credits killing thargoids that it could have been seen from server-side.

Anyway, that said. Here are some hacks that are easy to make:

Elite Dangerous hacks:

1. Speedhack anywhere
It's same as in every other game I've played, just follow this tutorial:

This method works for Ship in normal cruise and supercruise, SRV and on-foot.
For on-foot, you can do this: stand still > unknown > enable walk toggle > start walking > increased > keep walking until scan finishes > start jogging > increased > start walking again > decrease > stop > decreased > move backwards > decreased > stop > increased > walk > increased > jog > increased > sprint > increased ... you get the point. You can also do 180 degree turn and then backwards search (when going forward > decreased, because you're moving other direction).

Only issue is that it's hard to find direction to face to, because there's no true north or south, it all depends on where you are.
So I suggest first find the value for ship speed, which is quite easy. When in the "bubble" and facing towards center of galaxy, that is your north. So going north = increased value. Once you got that, go back to surface and check your ship values on which direction increases the value, then on-foot it's same.

When using correct opcode to pull the values from, it will also work for SRV, so no need to do it separate.

2. Teleport hack
Same as in other games, follow this tutorial if you want to make one:

It's a lot easier in ED actually, it was fairly easy to find.

3. Freefly Hack
You can also make a freefly hack if you know some basic programming, I'm too lazy to do it, but let me describe the principle:

First make speedhack (might also need teleport), then "nop" the function that changes player speed, if it's shared opcode, you must write piece of your own code that eliminates only player speed changes and nothing else, otherwise game will crash or everything else stops moving too and as it's online game, most likely it will result in crash very shortly after you do that.
So once you have player speed changes eliminated, then you also need to find player's "rotation" which I can tell is very close to speed.

For example when I did speed for ship, I think it was +10 added to the offset of speed, which includes rotation on all 3 axis. (it's always close to speed or coordinates in any game, it's just how computers map position of 3D objects).
So once you have that too, you need to write piece of code that checks which way player is facing and then does calculation on which speed axis to increase and which ones to decrease.

It's explained in my speedhack tutorial, that speed in games is not just "forward", it's always on 3-axis and you need to change 3 values in order to move in specific direction and then there's "rotation" which is just animation on which direction your character is facing.

So you have to write piece of code that checks which direction character is facing and then based on that changes speed on all 3 axis accordingly, so from your point of view, your character will fly towards where you face.

4. Infinite Jump Jets for suit
It's just a simple increased / decreased value.
I forgot, but I think it's float value and 1 = full (might be different for different suits).
I suggest you do: full > unknown search > go under a ship and keep jumping so it wont fully refill > decreased > let it fill > value between 0.8 and 2 > use jets > decreased ..etc.
Trying to find exact value is rather useless, because scans take 10 years. That's why it's better to do unknown and then inc or dec, followed by more specific ones.
You can also lock address range, you don't need to search ENTIRE memory as it's all in same wide range as other stuff. Once you have speed or something, then keep first 1-2 digits of the address.
For example if speed is 1B12345678 then do range from 1B00000000 to 1BFFFFFFFF. You MIGHT have to remove that B and only keep 1 or increase the range like 1A to 1C or even 19 to 1D. It's wide range, but MUCH smaller than entire memory.

I haven't tried much of anything else personally, but I know it's possible to change ship and module stats and other things, so below is a list of possible hacks that I can confirm are true:

1. Change ship / module stats
2. Change shield and hull damage resistance (it's not possible to change shield and hull damage itself as it's controlled by server)
3. Infinite fuel (probably for both, SRV and ship)
4. Change ships on the go (similar to what I have done in some older games, where you can change models)
5. Ammo / weapons hack - I can confirm that it's possible to use things like thargoid shutdown field as player weapon or ammo type.
6. Damage hack - you can increase damage output of your weapons, but I doubt it goes directly, probably a trick where you can change how many projectiles it shoots. I've done it in many other games, such as AvP2010 where I made my pistol throw out 50 grenades per shot.
Search "ammo type hack" or "super weapon" or "ammo type" on my Sethioz channel.

I might look into ability to change ships, because I'm quite positive it's possible to have thargoid ship as player controlled ship with some hackery magic. Things like that are why I started hacking games in the first place, I have never been interested in having advances, I find it fascinating on what's possible and I hate it when devs lock things and have it only for "testing purposes". I wanna play with their toys too :/ ... ok that sounds dirty, but you get the point! Why should they have all the fun? I WANT THARGOID SHIP!

If you gonna look into it, best way to start is from ship menu. Just scroll thru ships and when ship loads (not when you enter it, just in menu), then each ship should have specific ID. Depending on game's complexity, this can come down to 1 value or multiple. I successfully did this in TDU2 (test drive unlimited 2) and some other game like NFS, but I failed to write proper working hack in The Crew. I determined that there are about 5 addresses that hold the values for vehicle, for example I entered ship that had DLC vehicles and based on similar method I described, I froze some values and when I exited the shop with me own vehicle (as DLC vehicle was locked to leave with or to buy), then it still loaded me into DLC vehicle.
So same principle works in most games, but in some it takes more than just 1 value and those value are often random values in 4 bytes, like 954828943884 or could be shorter like 894. I think in TDU2 they were 3-4 digit values only.

However I highly doubt you'd get to keep the ship, because server checks every purchase, whetever it's for ARX or in-game credits. Also ship loadouts would be another thing. It should at very least be possible to swap your active ship on-the-fly, so you can swap to any ship at any point.

We also have some trainers available for elite dangerous, check them below.
Elite Dangerous Trainers

NOTE - some people have said they got banned when using cheats in solo, but I think it's because they ABUSED cheats. Such as killing more thargoids in an hour than humanly possible or using infinite fuel to jump without taking time to refuel ..etc. Most likely combination of many, people get greedy and that's how they get banned.
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