Wreckfest hacking - Fame, speed, teleport, money, xp ..etc

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Wreckfest hacking - Fame, speed, teleport, money, xp ..etc

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Everything is as normal, you can easily hack speed, coordinates, money and experience by following my tutorials on how to work with memory editors. I have tutorials on how to make speedhack and teleport hack in any game, if you're too dumb to find them or too dumb to follow them, GIVE UP!

Money and Experience hacks are extremely simple. You just search for the shown value on 4 bytes.
If you have 20933 money, this is the value you search for and then filter as needed. I have basic tutorials on stuff like that.

Reason why I decided to post this here, is because of Fame points. At first when fame was added, it was possible to simply change the fame value to whatever you wanted, but after a while developers changed fame and it was no longer possible to change it.
I thought they added online check, but that's not true after all.

I recently lost my savegame because steam messed up. I noticed that my fame was also 0, even tho I'm using same account. So it was quite clear fame isn't server sided after all. I then found 2 year old savegame backup and luckily I had most of the stuff there already, including 800k fame.
Which means that fame is saved and stored in your savegame file only. Most likely they have just encrypted the real value for fame or made additional checks to prevent changing fame points easily.
I haven't looked further into this, because I have 800k fame myself and I also have hack to be able to buy stuff for 0 fame in store.
It's also available in one of my Wreckfest trainers HERE

But it's just an interesting note that fame is indeed still client sided only, maybe I can find a way to edit savegame and make fame hack that way.

Ghost Mode hack:
6750269 - off
6750525 - on
Those are values in 4 bytes. search off value anywhere in the race, reset your car and while it's still blinking, pause game and filter for the "on" value. you should find it quite easily. It turns your car into half-ghost, you're able to easily drive thru opponents and push them around. It's a weird thing, but fun to play around with.
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