HOW TO send me your Trainer / Hack REQUEST

Post like this > "game name - trainer request" and describe exactly what features and hotkeys trainer / mod should have.
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HOW TO send me your Trainer / Hack REQUEST

Post by Sethioz »

If you like to send me your game hack, trainer or mod request, then best way of reaching me and getting my attention is doing it via my Patreon page
You must become Special Tier Patreon and then send me a PM via Patreon, I always reply within 24h (unless I can't cuz of some unforseen issues, like internet or power loss).

Alternatively you can purchase a Subscription on my forum and then post the request in this section here.

I'm not motivated by money, but I'm not motivated to fulfill your requests for free either. What I'm trying to say here, is that I respect people who support me and I do my best to try and help them in return.

Additionally I still have to pay for my server hosting and my living, my entire life people have come to me and demanded things, I'm tired and fed up with freeloaders and that's why I decided to remove post permissions for normal users. I live way below average, yet people keep whining that I should do things for free .. nobody ever does anything free for me.
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