How to make SpeedHack in ANY game (video tutorial)

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How to make SpeedHack in ANY game (video tutorial)

Post by Sethioz »

Just watch the video:

I have had lot of dumb comments on youtube, asking "how you make this for xxxx game" .. are you fucking retarded? It's SAME method in EVERY game. If one doesn't understand the basics of how speed works in a game, then there's just no help for that person. You need to go back to basics and learn what computer is and how it works.

Speed is very similar to teleport hack
Speed in games is determiend by x,y,z values, where:
X = north/south
Y = west/east
Z = up/down

Lot of people probably think that speed is just a single value, which determines how fast something moves, but that's wrong.
Way computer programs work, is that computer only knows speed in each direction, which when combined, determines the overall direction + speed of movement.

So if X=10 then it means you're moving NORTH at speed of 10 units (this doesn't mean 10mph or 10kmh). NEVER look at speed-o-meter in games, because that means nothing. I have seen some rare occasions where speed is similar to what it shows on speedo, but it's never accurate. Don't rely on it.

Speed is always FLOAT value type, because it can hold negative values. So in most games, when you're moving south, then value is negative (like -10).
Keep in mind that it doesn't matter which way your vehicle or character is facing, if you move SOUTH, then value is negative. You can move backwards to south or you can face south and move forward, value will always be negative.

It's best to do unknown search @ "float" type.
then start moving north, pause game and do "increased" (if you can't pause game, like if it's online only, then you must find a way to step-up your speed, like in car game you can just hold throttle at like 10% or so, then search increased and wait until scan completes).

then use common sense to filter out other results, like move south and do decreased, increase your south moving speed and do another decreased.

You can also stand completely still and search for "range from -1 to 1", but NEVER search for "exact 0" because speed always changes, even when standing still.
So searching for "not changed" or "exact 0" will remove actual speed address from the results and you come up with nothing.

"not changed" can only be used when you can pause the game, for example you drive north and did "increased", then increase your north moving speed and PAUSE game and then search for "increased" followed by "not changed". You can play around in game menus and do few more "not changed", then unpause game, slow down and do "decreased' ..etc.
Like I said, it's just common sense. If you don't have common sense, give up on hacking games or learn to common sense first.

Filter until you have about 1000 addresses left, ideally you'd want less, but I doubt you even get it down to 1000. So once you're unable to eliminate any more addresses (as all of their values change according to speed), then drive/move at slow speed and then freeze bunch of addresses, like 100-1000 at a time (depending on how many results you have). Then try braking, at the moment your vehicle/character no longer stops, then it means you have frozen right address, delete the rest and narrow it down until you come up with the correct one. In some RARE cases, the could be 2-3 addresses that change speed. Just pick one, but make note of others (I suggest breakpoint them for future use), because sometimes speed is based on level or location, like in some place address 1,2 and 3 works, while in other place only address 2 works. It's very rare tho, usually there's just 1 address that you need.

Once you find X-axis speed, then follow the steps shown on video to find Y and Z.

Speed axis' are always next to eachother in memory, like so:
X = 00 01 02 03
Z = 04 05 06 07
Y = 08 09 0A 0B

on some reason Z is usually in middle of X and Y. You need to use my script example shown on video if you want to have a working speedhack where you can increase or decrease your speed.

Remember that in space games or for flight, you must include all 3 axis' in the script, in racing games only X and Y, so you don't go on flying under or over the map when boosting!
I always set a hotkey to set X Y Z values to 0 aka instant stop! It's quite useful and doesn't require and scripts to be written, you can just make hotkey to set value to 0.

NOTE - in same games north and south are swapped. It means north = value decreases, but in most games north = increased value, so do this first and if you come up with nothing, then try other way around.

If you don't understand that this method works same in every game, then you're an idiot. I've had some idiots leaving comments like "how do i do this in xxx game" ... SAME WAY you MORON!
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