How to make Teleport Hack in ANY game! (find coordinates)

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How to make Teleport Hack in ANY game! (find coordinates)

Post by Sethioz »

It's best if you just watch the video tutorial as everything is shown and explained there:

However here are few words about how this works.
In games (computer software), location of things is determined just like in real life, by using coordinates (x,y,z)
In 2D games or programs, you only have 2 coordinates:
X = horizontal (left / right)
Y = vertical (up / down)

in 3D games or programs, you have 3 coordinates:
X aka x-axis = forward/backwards aka north/south
Y aka y-axis = left/right aka west/east
Z aka z-axis = up/down

It's all shown on the video, but in short, it's best to find a place where you can freely move north / south without interruptions. For example if in GTA 5, go find some remote location, like abandoned airfield or some empty area where you can move north / south.
In most games, north is actually north and south is south. If game has compass, then north is usually actual north. If game doesn't have compass, then see if there is some sort of static map or google for a map, some games have a static map that marks N and S.
For example in one of the F1 games, I didn't know which way was north and south, so I looked up F1 racetracks on google and looked which way they are facing .. and as expected, it was same in the game.

If you're in absolute center of the map, then your coordinates would be 0,0,0, but it's impossible to find the aboslute center and even when you're not moving, coordinates still move a bit.

Coordinates are always in FLOAT value type, beacuse float can hold negative values, such as "-1.34"

So moving NORTH means that X value increases.
moving SOUTH would mean that X value decreases.

This what you'll be searching for.
First search do "unknown" at "float" type
Next move NORTH and then do "increased"
Now move SOUTH and do "decreased"

If you have common sense, you get the idea, if not .. then you're an idiot and should learn to common sense before hacking games.

there are some tricks I prefer doing, for example games that let you pause the entire game, you can move NORTH, do increased, move a bit more and PAUSE game and then do increased, followed by "not changed". then click on menus, maybe even change some audio and graphics settings and then do another "not changed", this eliminates lot of addresses that constantly change.

NEVER do "not changed" if you're not able to pause the game
, because coordinates always move, even when you're standing still. I have noticed this in all games. If in a car game, you stand completely still and holding down brakes, then coordinate are still changing on small scale, for example between like 1000.010 and 1000.090. So doing "not changed" would filter out the actual coordinates. Long ago I made this mistake myself and I couldn't figure out why I can't find coordinates.

so repeat the search until you're left with less than 1000 addresses, then start freezing them like 50 - 100 at a time. If you get more results, then freeze more, but the more you freeze, the higher the risk that game will crash.

So freeze the values and then try moving, if your vehicle or character just "rubber bands" like it wants to move, but can't, then you know that you have frozen right address. Unfreeze them and delete rest of the addresses, then narrow the freezing until you find just one.
From there use debugger and set breakpoint to find the opcode, then you can write a script (as shown on video) to find X Y Z.

Coordinates are always next to eachother, separated by 4 ot 8 bytes. Usually 4 bytes
So you have:
X 00 01 02 03
Z 04 05 06 07
Y 08 09 0A 0B

on some reason, in most games, Z is always in middle. First comes X or Y axis, then Z and then Y or X. either way, they're always next to eachother. I haven't found a single game where coordinates are NOT next to eachother. Maybe if devs do it on purpose and try to hide it, but never came across a game like that before.

NOTE that in some rare cases, values can be other way around, that NORTH = decreasing value and SOUTH = increasing value, but in most games north = increase. So you should do that first, if you find nothing, then try other way around .. if you still find nothing, then you're a noob! (or game might have some sort of basic encryption to scramble the values).

Offtopic, but kind of makes me wonder .. is "real life" also a simulation? what happens if we're able to change our coordinates?
Games also have lot of "read only" coordinates, there's never just ONE address, there's always many that show exact same values, but only 1-2 addresses lets you actually change coordinates and makes your character or vehicle move into different place.
so in real life, if you're using some global method to determine your EXACT position in universe, what happens if you'd change those "coordinates" on source level? I'm not talking GPS coordinates or something that humans use to navigate their probes in space, i'm talking the absolute coordinates in entire universe.

I think if you'd be able to find them and change them, you'd be able to literally teleport matter thru space. Ofcourse it's not as simple as hacking a game, but the generic concept is same. There have actually been some theories about universe being a "simulation", but any simulator is as real as real itself. Anyway hope this helps you understand how hacking coordinates works in games.
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