avp 2 dickhead clan DDOSed to oblivion

NOTE - This is for educational and informational purposes only !!! proof of what can be done in computer world, be afraid or amazed, choice is yours
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avp 2 dickhead clan DDOSed to oblivion

Post by siab »

I don't want to claim full credit because this douche clan not surprisingly had so many enemies but the shut down after consistent DDOSing.

Good to see after my vacation the fruits of my labor paid off. Thanks in part to anyone else that was in my cause I know I wasn't alone! Rot in hell TBBC!
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Re: avp 2 dickhead clan DDOSed to oblivion

Post by Sethioz »

WOW i can't believe avp2 is still alive, but it's always fun seeing dickheads getting owned ... after all, that's why I started hacking in the first place :-)

EDIT: I have included the screenshot, just in case their site goes down. I'm surprised after few years that post is still there tho

Also nice colors those morons have, black on dark grey .. what a genius! I can barely read it lol.
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