Modifying Drop Rarity Rates in Loot Based Games

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Modifying Drop Rarity Rates in Loot Based Games

Post by tableg »

I was curious if anyone had any insight in how people make cheat engines for values that are inherently difficult to find. For example, there is a lua script for borderlands to modify the drop rate of the different rarity of items. The link is here: ... s-ect.html

I understand that he is pointing to the main address, but how he ended up finding those addresses is beyond me. Finding ammo, health, mana, money, etc are easy addresses to find because you know the value and are able to manipulate it easily.
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Re: Modifying Drop Rarity Rates in Loot Based Games

Post by Sethioz »

I can't give you any specific details, but everything in a game is linked and traceable.
Think of it that way .. whenever something happens in a game, it is never "random", game always knows exactly what to do. You just need to know how to trace and find what game is doing, then change it.

For example in lot of games, I find the base address for something (such as player) and then I just add like +4 or +8 to the address and get a new stat.

for example:
01000000 = base address of player (contains some ID string to model, such as like Player_39838842)
01000004 = player health
01000008 = player money
0100000C = player power
and so on.

So once you find ONE of those things, you just manually look around and find other shit, but I doubt that's what they are doing, as far as i know .. i'm the only one who is able to manually find things and that's why i find things that others never find :)
They probably just reverse engineer the game using a debugger and find which instruction does what. You can debug the address, see what writes to it, see what accesses it ..etc.

In fact i've been wondering about similar things myself, like how people find certain things. In some car games, people make a generic speed hack, which i haven't figured out. they change the instruction directly and tell that car is moving faster. I can find car stats and mess with those, but that's something that others don't know how to do.
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