DiRT Rally - Trainers / Hacks / Cheats

get your superiourity here ! be an offline or online GOD of the game. infinite ammo, unlimited nitro, turbo boost, god mode, you name it !
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DiRT Rally - Trainers / Hacks / Cheats

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>>> Trainers available HERE <

The Story

I recently started playing online events in DiRT Rally and noticed that top 10-50 players are constantly cheating. Very sad ....
ironic coming from a legendary hacker? not really, I started hacking BECAUSE of hackers were getting on my nerves and i knew i'm superior and better, so I just had to find a way to kick their pathetic loser asses and shut them up for good ^^

So once again, i started hacking because those losers were getting on my nerves with their lame ass cheathappens trainer. I made my own ... once again, my hacks are far more superior to those losers xD ... they literally ARE losers. You can check DiRT Rally event leaderboards @ https://www.dirtgame.com/events


1. Downforce / Gravity
Simply makes any car's handling superior.

2. Handling
Car becomes more responsive and grips to the ground more

3. Stop Timer
4. No Disqualify timer (you can drive backwards)
5. No Penalty when resetting (going off track, driving into growd or jump starting)
6. No Penalty Timer (You can drive off the track and stay there, timer won't start counting down to reset)
7. No repair penalty (you can use up entire 60 mins of repairs without getting penalty, twice the repair time)
8. Infinite Shakedowns (usually you can enter shakedown stage only 10 times, this removes the limit)
9. General vehicle stats (I can edit pretty much anything, wheel sizes, move body parts around, remove body parts ..etc)

If you can't find a trainer you looking for, that's because I'm still working on trainers! I will release more trainers in time. So stay tuned.
Here's a video of my HOVER CAR that I made with the hacks i got -
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