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NOTE - This is for educational and informational purposes only !!! proof of what can be done in computer world, be afraid or amazed, choice is yours owned by Sethioz - don't mess with me!

Postby Sethioz » Thu Aug 21, 2014 5:24 am

I decided to post these out here, it was in 2011 somewhere, when I owned the fuck out of them.
I don't like to brag, but sometimes I just wanna rub it into their face! That's what happens if you kids kick me out of your server by saying "you fucking hacker"

YES, I'm a HACKER and maybe you should THINK before kicking/banning me and watch your fucking mouth around me! It's not wise move to piss off a hacker with my skills. Fortunetely for those kids, I can't bother with hacking much lately, but my skills are still there, all i need is motivation and all hell breaks loose, i'm just a sleeping beast, waiting to be awakened.
For your own sake, do not wake the beast, because when I wake, i'll be hungry and i will feast on your expense.

What really pisses me off, is when i TELL THEM that this will happen and then those fucks just laugh into my face like "hahaha you fucking kid you know nothing"
..but it always ends up the same, them running and screaming in fear, but then it's too late already.

1920_917 - Nice-Servers say goodbye « VanillaTF2 - Opera_2013-11-17_22-31-50.png

Nice-Servers say goodbye « vanillatf2_1308484874162.jpeg -- Panel_1306444754813.jpeg -- Panel_1306444928526.jpeg -- Panel_1306445268674.jpeg -- Panel_1306445304528.jpeg -- Panel_1306445613887.jpeg

That's my story, laugh or cry, your choice ^^
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