Whining kids @ Steam - Whining about my Hacks

retarded stuff here. how stupid ppl got owned. or how somebody talks about stuff they have no idea about..etc

Whining kids @ Steam - Whining about my Hacks

Postby Sethioz » Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:24 am

Here are some screenshots and topics about some lemons who are whining about my hacks / trainers on Steam Community Forums.
So funny how it always ends up with them fighting eachother because that's all they can do ^.^




Well some moderator in one of those topics said they are aware and take action.
Good! because i'd love a challenge.
They have no idea what method i'm even using, my methods are 100% undetectable and i can use my VAC secure concept to bypass anything they throw at me, only thing they can do is to check vehicle top speed and the best lap time possible with that vehicle and then simply ban based on that, but then again .... drafting comes to play and if there's a glitch that allows you to cut corner for example and you get better lap time .. you get banned? that's why they never make such method + they know it damn well, that hacks / trainers keep game alive for longer, when people get bored, they want to use hacks to get even more out of game.
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