Hands Free Gaming - concept by Sethioz, ideas, suggestions..

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Hands Free Gaming - concept by Sethioz, ideas, suggestions..

Postby Sethioz » Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:10 am

What is your idea of "hands free gaming" ?

There are many ways, like having the Data Glove (which i'm waiting for to come), Wiimotes + nunchuk and let's not forget 360 Kinect or it's predecessor PS2 EyeToy camera or the awesome NIA (neural impulse actuator), but which one is the best? or is it best to use combo of them? if so, which ones? ..etc

I'm familiar with some of these and tested them out too.

Let's start from what i have tried.

1. NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) - This reads your brainwaves and translates them to keystrokes. Unfortunetly this project was abondoned by OCZ and discontinued. It is broken, but still useable. So this is best for shooting / firing in FPS or other games. Basically just one thing works on it.

2. Wiimote and Nunchuk - This is really powerful combo, wiimote and nunchuk both have tilt and pitch sensors and also accelerometers. So you can have so many controls only on 2 of them and lets not forget the IR tracking (infrared trackbar and sensor in wiimote). Accelerometer is really awesome if you map jump onto it, so basically what you do, is jump your wiimote and your character in game jumps. or you can have left/right accelerometer too, where you "bang" wiimote to side and it does something, same with nunchuk. i tried crouch and jump on that, works nicely.

3. PS2 EyeToy - it's not really camera that makes the magic, it's software. It's quite old tech actually, where you use software to detect movement on screen. eyetoy cam is only 320x240 resolution and is motion based, can't read exact movements, nevertheless it can be used to play certain games.

4. P5 Data Glove - i ordered it and waiting for it, looks quite interesting toy. have to wait and see, it has IR tracking (or some other tracking, not sure) and each finger acts as analog input. should be really awesome

5. 360 Kinect - i'm fairly new to this, but i understand the concept. it is not just a camera, but complicated sensor system, it can detect your exact body "shape" and see what you are doing, like waving your hand or feet. It can easily be used to jump your character in game or crouch, it can tell what you are doing and inputs it into game. will check if there is one for PC.

My Project

Demo video of first in-game hands free test:

It's not fully hands free, it is only the concept, showing that its possible. I'm holding on to wiimote and nunchuk, but it's only because i could not bother making wrist mounts yet, i just wanted to test and recorded my first test (that truly was first time i went into game with it).
so my plan is to make wrist mounts and attach wiimote and nunchuk under or above my arms, so i have true hands-free gaming going on.

What is your idea / vision of hands free gaming, do you think its worth it?
I think that for a very, very long time i will remain better using keyboard and mouse and controller, than any handsfree system.
Actually NIA does excellent work if you use it as fire, your reaction time is so much better and you won't make that final "twitch" with mouse when clicking the mouse button, so its better in every way, but still unpractical, blink your eye and it triggers. might be easier to use some pedal or button under your foot and its not true hands free gaming.

anyway leave a comment or tell about your idea/s.
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