Space / Universe .. what is really going on

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Re: Space / Universe .. what is really going on

Postby KEN » Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:52 pm

I found this and thought I'll post it since it's pretty cool.

In 2003, NASA's WMAP satellite took images of the most distant part of the universe observable from Earth. The image shows the furthest we can see using any form of light. The patterns show clumps of matter that eventually formed into galaxies of stars. This is as far as we can see into the universe. It is time, not space, which limits our view. Beyond a certain distance, light hasn't had time to reach us yet. Credit: NASA/WMAP Science Team
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Re: Space / Universe .. what is really going on

Postby Sethioz » Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:48 pm

i know what they mean. this is also one way to tell how old is universe, however it is technology that limits the view, not time.

if they would make something that travels faster than light, they can then go ahead of light and see what's out there.

also if some satellite would travel faster than light and it would look back on earth (after stopping), it would be able to see itself taking off, meaning it would be possible to see past.
so if that device would travel as far as light have reached from earth and look back, you could easily see dinosaurs :)

i'm not familiar with technology they use ..etc, but as far as i know, there are no limits in space, why cant they go on speed of light ?
i mean, there is nothing that stops anything from moving. on earth, when something moves, there is air resistance and gravity that prevents objects from going too fast, but in space, none of this exists.
well there is orbit, that has some type of gravity if im correct, or whatever keeps planets orbiting the sun, but if you clear that .. there's nothing.

this goes bit offtopic, but that brings me to how alien ships fly, at least this is what i think they use > focused electro magnetic beams to push / pull themselves toward / away from / to planets.
ive seen lot of science shows where they show cool ways to make something move, even light itself to make something move. they used quite basic way, a laser beam shot into a specifc shaped cone and its like a mirror / magnifying glass that makes an explosion and lifts the objects off the ground, but i have never seen them try and use focused electro magnets to make something fly.
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