How to make trainer request (read before posting)

Post like this > "game name - trainer request" and describe exactly what features and hotkeys trainer / mod should have. No hack discussions or requests here.

How to make trainer request (read before posting)

Postby Sethioz » Fri May 18, 2012 4:07 am

This is here, so people won't start making mess (most likely they still do ..duh).

1. Subject has to be perfectly clear. DO NOT post like "help i need trainer". this kind of topics will get ignored and most likely deleted. If you want hacks for TDU2, then in subject (topic title) write this "Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2) trainer request)"
If you want only one specific thing, then it should be "Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2) money trainer request)".

2. Inside the topic write as much details as possible:

Trainer should have following features:
- unlimited / changeable money - hotkey "CTRL + M" or "editbox"
- turbo boost for all vehicles - hotkey "CTRL + UpArrow" (if you want more than 1 hotkey, specifiy them all).
- adjustable rideheight - hotkey "CTRL + 1" to adjust up and "CTRL + 2" to adjust down

if game is shooter, then same way, specify what should be in it and what hotkeys should change what.

3. mind the " " do not make a pile-up game here by writing everything into one big section. I will NOT take requests that are not properly written.

4. do not request trainers for MMO / MMORPG games. There will not be any trainers for this type of games. Instead open a topic under game hacks with proper title / subject like (mmo game 1 - hacking). Before you do, use SEARCH.

5. This sub-forum is also here in case you want a trainer that already exists, but with customized hotkeys / interface / extra functions. If it is my trainer, then post a link to trainer you want a remake of and then specify what changes you want. If trainer is made by someone else and is a big mess with sounds and lags (for example cheathappens trainers are massive, ugly, with stupid sounds and laggy), then DO NOT post a link, instead put trainer into .rar and attach to your post. also then specify what you want changed.
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