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BackTrack / Linux & Aircrack signal strenght / beacons

Postby Sethioz » Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:45 am

I've noticed that when trying to determine how good signal wireless station has, then linux in general is crap. I was cracking a network, so i assumed that when it receives the beacons as fast as possible, then its good signal, but nope, not even close. I managed to crack the network and when i connected, connection speed was crap and it was laggy, like 500 - 2000ms lag between router <> pc. then i moved antenna about 30-40 degrees and now ping is 3 - 8ms and loads sites just fine, bit laggy, but ok, youtube is watchable and internet shoutcast radios work too.
however when i moved antenna into that position before, then linux (aircrack on backtrack5) barely even detected the network ... no idea how or why it is acting that way.

Injection test was also successful, 86% or so, meaning that it was good signal ... but connecting in windows was crap. i think best way is to move antenna while cracking and see what works best (where you get least errors) and when connecting in windows, do same, just run a cmd with "ping -t" command and see in which position you get least ping. also note that ping goes higher when you download / upload. In win 7 it shows 4 bars of strenght, but connection is not that great, while downloading i cant even load google.

I've noticed that before too, i am able to crack network with ease, no errors, but connection sucks. it should be other way around, that if connection is crap you are not even able to crack the network, if you can crack it, then it should be good signal / strenght .. well go figure, just thought it is worth posting these discoveries.
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