WPS PIN cracking fails on virginmedia (and similar) routers

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WPS PIN cracking fails on virginmedia (and similar) routers

Postby Sethioz » Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:02 am

for while now, there have been rumors that virginmedia have found a way to block out WPS cracking method, because when using reaver or that other tool (wpscrack i think), then correct pin and pass cannot be found.

i have done some research and this is not the case. the reason why they are so "smart", is that they are actually so dumb.
it is simply a false positive that says WPS is enabled, but it isn't.
i had a chance to check out virginmedia router. it has 2 options:
- WPS pin
- WPS sync by pushing the WPS buttons on both, router and device within 5 seconds or so.
and by default, it is set to button mode, meaning that even if you enter correct pin, it doesn't get you connected.
i tested it by entering correct WPS pin and connection failed (not by using reaver, using win vista).

i can confirm that WPS pin is not enabled on virginmedia routers and probably there are some others out there that give false positive too.

before you give up, make sure you are using correct options in reaver and that it doesn't skip any pins, never ignore locks ..etc
if it cant find the pin with proper options (do not ignore locks, do not skip pins when failed..etc), then it means it is just a false positive.
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