WiFi Hopper - how to convert / get results into google earth

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WiFi Hopper - how to convert / get results into google earth

Postby Sethioz » Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:37 am

This will explain how to convert / export / import results from wifi (wi-fi) hopper into google earth.
Wi-Fi hopper can only save files in 4 formats:
.hop (wifi hopper format)
.ns1 (network stumbler format)
.nswiscan (no idea wtf it is)
.csv (comma seperated values)

Google Earth can't open any of these files.

Solution is somewhat simple, but annoying.
- in wifi hopper, save file as .ns1
- now it should be easy, but on some reason vistumbler does not open that file directly, even tho it has import option for .ns1
- so now download NetStumbler (network stumbler)
- open that .ns1 file in netstumbler
- in netstumbler, select export > text ...
- file name should end with .txt
- now download Vistumbler
- in Vistumbler > Import > import > netstumbler wi-scan file (TXT, NS1)
- select your saved .txt file
- now it will convert it all into vistumler
- in vistumbler, select export > GPX (or any other format you think might work with google eart, for me GPX worked just fine).

someone might ask, why not use vistumbler in first place ?!
well reason is simple, it sucks and so does netstumbler. they don't even support "connect" feature, while wifi hopper can connect you into stations. it is wireless scanner + connection manager. It's best wifi program i have seen so far. I like wifi hopper over others, it runs faster and better than others and has better features and interface. spending few minutes on file conversion is no loss for me.

I have included VisTumbler and NetTumbler, but i strongly recommend using google. These files here might be out of date and i have no intensions of updating them at all. I only put there here, in case official site goes down (which seem to happen a lot lately). so even in few years, these files will remain uploaded.
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