Hacking WiFi hotspots

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Hacking WiFi hotspots

Postby Sethioz » Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:34 pm

I recently started looking into hotspot hacking.

First of, as far as i know, all hotspots give you access based on computer's MAC address. I have successfully hacked into one of the hotspots, however it was quite lame way.
What i did, is monitored what is going on and saw some people using hotspot, so i simply cloned their MAC address.
However there is a problm with this method, whenever person is online, internet is cutting out time to time (lagging badly), this is because router does not know which computer made the request, they both have same MAC and it confuses the router, however when person who you cloned, is not using internet, you have his internet working fine.

Now another method i heard of (all over google too, by some rookies), is that change MAC address to whatever the hotspot itself is. You can easily pull MAC of router with any packet sniffer, such as CommView, Wireshark ..etc
However changing MAC on windows 7 can be quite nightmare, since none of the tools i found work properly. So you must do it in registry.
I will write wiki articles on how to do this, but here is a quick guide:
1. open regedit
2. find the following key
Code: Select all

3. under there, you will find all your network adapters and some other stuff. i have 33 in total there. gay 7 won't delete them from registry if you remove adapter, so you have loads there. now when that key is highlighted search for "DriverDesc" and keep going thru them with F3 (find next), until you find the adapter you want to change MAC.
4. If there isn't "NetworkAddress" already in present, then right click and add "New > String Value" and add "NetworkAddress" and type in the MAC you want.
NOTE MAC has to be 001122334455 format, without : or . ..etc.

Some hotspots allow you to connect and use it for free. If someone has hotspots around, test and post back. i really need feedback on this one, since it doesn't work around where i am and i got tons of hotspots, everywhere.

Another method that i heard working, is a weird "bug". If you want to visit sethioz.com, then instead of sethioz.com, you go to sethioz.com.jpg and it won't redirect you, because it thinks its image.
Then you can write a script for firefox to do this automatically or use some packet editor to add it automatically.

Right now im out of ideas, I have to analyze this stuff further to see what causes this limitation and how to bypass it for good.
Also hotspot wont take you to their login page if you are using custom DNS servers. there MUST be something that allows you to bypass.
maybe make local DNS servers and use them as some filters ..etc like DNS hijacking maybe. no idea, but im sure you can get it working.
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