Monitor mode in windows

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Monitor mode in windows

Postby Sethioz » Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:23 am

Have anyone had any experience with this ? setting a card to monitor mode on windows ?
Today i just tested out CommView for WiFi, it doesn't say it supports my card, but it says that it might support some unlisted cards. So i tested it with my Alfa AWUS36NH and it seem to be working fine.
CommView for WiFi seems very interesting i have to say, it shows so much info .. and all those "monitoring" devices around, that's insane how many it picked up. about 20 stations, but like 100 devices (laptops, computers, phones..etc).

This post is just here, so people know that Alfa AWUS36NH supports CommView WiFi.

If you need "monitoring" mode in windows and don't want to install linux, then easiest way is virtualbox + backtrack5 (linux) with USB wireless adapter. However note that some wireless adapters doesn't work with virtualbox, one of them being TP-LINK WN722N.
Anyway go for Alfa networks products if you want performance and compatibility.
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