PSOBB hack request

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PSOBB hack request

Postby SilentEnigma » Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:24 pm

Hi, saw one of your video's on youtube and thought I would drop a line and ask if you can help me out, first off, I have a little knowledge in using a CE hack, I have been able to get unlimited HP and TP (what we call MP in PSOBB) and have tried searching for a warp hack to get me directly to the bosses but it turned out that it didn't work, a friend of mine said it may have some kind of anti cheat on which allows me to edit a few values (such as unlimited HP and TP) but not many others, I am not interested in having 30k atp, all I want to know is a few thing like how to get a boss warp (I will provide you with details of what I did to search for it at the bottom of this post) an ability to make my techs cast incredibly fast possibly 1 hit kill if you can manage it.

On to the details about the boss warp I tried hacking with: when on P2 (the ship which you start in when making a game) the location value is 0 with the Forest (the first monster filled place) being the value of 1 and F2 being 2 and so on all the way to the Ruins which I think is about 8 or 9, anyways, using a 1 byte search I start by scanning for 0 (while being on P2) then I go down to F1 and search for 1 then to P2 and so on till I end up with a list of about 9 or 10 numbers that all change when I go from P2 to F1, now I have tried editing these numbers and I have tried using 2 bytes to see if it made any difference to no avail.

If you can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it.


Oh and FTR I am on the PSOBB server Eden.
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Re: PSOBB hack request

Postby Sethioz » Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:08 pm

ive never heard of PSOBB, but it seems like its another MMO. in this case im not interested of hacking it, but warp aka teleportation hack is done completely differently. its somewhat easy, but there might be server sided check to prevent it from happening.

search for coordinates.
1 - unknown
2 - move north and increased (usually north is increased, but if you find 0 eventually, then try decreased)
3 - use your imagination and brain to find "X" axis coordinates. keep filtering. move north or south and do increased or decreased
or don't move at all and do not changed.

see Finding Unknown Values article on my wiki for additional help.

if you have any other hacks, feel free to post them under game hacks. im sure there are lot of ppl who are interested in other hacks.
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Re: PSOBB hack request

Postby MagicalSilence » Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:40 pm

From experiance on some MMO games teleport hack was made using "cordinates" but since some places have "warp gates" it might not work
usually most games block function to see cordinates ingame because its used for underground hacking etc ofc its best it theres private server options to this game by hosting a local server and trying out things and ofc some games dont have it implanted in their command lines yet best option would be host own server if possible for better understanding id say.

Cooldown hacking is usually the simplest hack in games that do not double check it from server side. WPE to replace skill cooldowns or memory editor if its client side usually no clue what its in this case.

1hit hack well... thats quite rare from what ive seen in MMO's its a ingame bug mostly that allows such but i personally havent poked into that subject any deeper than that, there most likely is way to do that but its packet editting most likely.
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