Test Drive Unlimited.

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Test Drive Unlimited.

Postby Shy Guy » Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:42 pm

Hello everyone, I'm wondering if there is anything in Test Drive unlimited to duplicate stats from one car to another(Such as the Top Speed of one car and put it on another) if there is such thing? Can anyone tell me how, thanks in advance.
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Re: Test Drive Unlimited.

Postby Sethioz » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:55 pm

ive been kind a working on it. the problem is that TDU uses blowfish encryption on files, so it makes it hard to even read the data. what you can do quite easily is simply change the data in trainer style (in ram with a memory editor), but that would kind a suck. depends what you need it for, if you wanna cheat online, then its the only way, if you wanna just play offline, then it would be cool to edit game data (which is quite hard).

for now you can use trainers, one at cheathappens.com and other good one is on tocaedit.com. i will certainly try to figure out the specific car data editing issue, like i did in GRID, but in GRID it was easier, because there i was able to see car's data, so it means i knew what i was searching for.

there's also some stuff at tducentral.com about it, but they are bunch of idiots there, who think that if you make a car spec editor, then ppl would use it to cheat online.
what they don't understand, is that you can't even enter online events with modified game files and even bigger thing that those retards do not understand is that if person wants to cheat online, then he/she would simply google for "test drive unlimited trainer" and would be able to instantly go over 1000km/h ..etc. so i doubt you find anything useful there. also it seems that their site got owned or something (cant bother to read wht happend).

My idea right now is to find the right values with a memory editor and then write a trainer-like program where you can easily replace certain car data only. as effect...a car data editor. that would be the closest thing to a real car data editor i could think of right now (unless im able to fully decrypt whole game files and find all the car data). they should be in "DB.bnk" file, but im not sure.

i will certainly post a tutorial once i successfully manage to change any data i want.
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