Game Point Hack

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Game Point Hack

Postby gomugomuno » Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:52 pm

first of all im a total noob in hacking.
i need help in hacking the amount of Game Point in a website. this is the link >>
this is for a game called RF Online and it is free to play.this one is a private server.
the voting system is you can vote twice per day and each full vote u can earn around 40 gp(game point).
i have been searching in other hacking site like elitepvpers but non is working.
but i have found that someone succesfully hacked the game cp with using firebug and of course he is not giving it to others for free.
i have try to use firebug to change the value but it seems it just my side.(the point turn back normal after refresh)
some hint from my searching is that we have to search for parent directory or something like that to make the changed value to be read as true value by the server.
thanks in advance.
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Re: Game Point Hack

Postby Sethioz » Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:53 pm

post this into game hacking with proper title (game name - hacks, hacking cp and others) or something like that, then give some more details and read some tutorials on my wiki and forum on how to intercept packets and use firebug. changing something on site will never take effect on other side, because nothing is sent to the server. its as same as taking a picture and then editing it with photoshop, nothing changes in server. you must fool the server to give you points
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