If you could?

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If you could?

Postby Arik » Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:05 am

Ok so I was wondering if you could hack an iPod/iPhone game for 'me. Just wondering because I have a task that could be really hard to do. Idk really. I know hardly anything about hex editing and using memory tools(which yes I am reading your forums and thyare helpin 'me understand more and more of it) and have no idea how to get the game server so I can hack it(yes it's an online game) I'm wondering if you could hack parallel kingdom age of thrones for 'me. I just want to get alot of gold and food(I'd like food but idk if it would let you) and get items(specifically a flower dagger and leaf longbow and rose sword the general arbor day swag) you seem like my only hope to doing this. I really hope you can. I've been to multiple sites and nobody wants to help... If you have any free time please look into this.
Ps I have jailbroken iPhone and can't use any programs from the jailbreak to do this hack. Thanks for reading
Sorry I didn't get to the point fast but just wanted to fill u in...
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Re: If you could?

Postby Sethioz » Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:42 pm

if you could ? get the title right, i wont reply to anything with fucked up titles and offtopic.

get to the point, do not blabber this and that. if this is ipod hacking, write "Ipod hacking - help needed" or something like that and do not blabber about this and that.
1. tell what you want
2. tell what you have done and found

NO background info needed about yourself or anyone else or the story line behind it, make it short and simple.

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