Need for Speed : Shift 2 - most crazy glitches / bugs

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Need for Speed : Shift 2 - most crazy glitches / bugs

Postby Sethioz » Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:49 pm

i havent played it much, but this game sure seem to be bugged with most craziest bugs ever and its not just pc version. i got it on PS3 and PC.

on PS3 i started experiencing weird thing that in pause menu, it kept down down or up arrow / analog. i tought its my controller going crazy and analog not staying in 0, but then i got same bug on PC and on PC i cant even move in menus using controller (i use keyboard for menus and controller only to race). so on PC it started doing the same. its an obvious bug.

on PC version, when race starts and it shows that small video clip, sometimes character animations get STUCK, character models do not move, so it looks like they fly / slide over the ground in very weird positions. < ill make video next time i get this. im not 100% sure, but i think i got that on PS3 version too.

on PC, i got some nutz bug / glitch. before when race starts its on "auto cruise". it crashed my car into wall on auto cruise and all the characters were half way out of the car, standing like stickmen lmao. here's a screenshot of it too ...
as you can see, its still on auto cruise mode, timer isnt showing up ..etc
shift2u 2011-07-31 20-30-38-69.jpg
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and on top of that, it crashes on both, PS3 and PC versions. some random crashes and freezing up.
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