How to make custom spray for Half-life, SvenCoop, CS ..etc

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How to make custom spray for Half-life, SvenCoop, CS ..etc

Postby Sethioz » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:56 am

1. you need Half-Life logo creator (look below)
2. in HLC do this:
- click on options
- check all the checkboxes and click ok
- click on open and select the image you want as spray
- now check the checkbox on bottom that says "save it to"
- select the path and name it "tempdecal" (tempdecal.wad)
- now click on "make WAD" button
- copy or move tempdecal.wad into your game's folder
if you want it for svencoop, then put it into your svencoop folder
if you want it for cs1.6, then put it into cstrike folder
- it will ask if you want to overwrite, click YES.

NOTE - Make tempdecal.wad READ ONLY or game will change it!!! if you change your spray in game's options, then it will overwrite it again and you have to replace original with your custom file again.

Thanks to Torpedo who reminded me how to do it.
halflife logo creator.rar
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