Resident Evil 4 - tutorial - how to add/change stuff

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Resident Evil 4 - tutorial - how to add/change stuff

Postby Sethioz » Fri Feb 20, 2009 2:01 pm

1. get the .GCA extractor (attached to this topic, look below)
2. go into your RE4 main folder
-there you see several .dat files. those can be renamed to .gca and then extracted using the .gca extractor.
- "xfile.dat" and "em.dat" files contain sounds and models. xfile.dat contains costumes and such for example.
NOTE: i suggest you to make a COPY of the .dat file before trying anything. just copy it on desktop, rename it to like "xfile.dat.backup" and put it back into game folder.
3. now extract .dat file you want, lets take xfile.dat
4. rename it to xfile.gca and extract.
5. now put the content folder "/xfile" into your RE4 main folder
6. if xfile.dat is not present in RE4 folder (or renamed), then game will read the data from /xfile folder you extracted and put there.
-it means if you edit any of those files, you do not have to compress it. game will simply read those files instead so you can edit anything you want and simply save the file.
7. some stuff for RE4 can be simply added, by putting a right folder in it. you must read the readme.txt for the mod you getting. some mods can be simply placed in RE4 folder and game will read them.
-it works when you have exact file names. so game will read those, instead of the compressed files. so if you want to replace something on your own, you first have to extract the .dat files and find the original.

This is just BASIC stuff.
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