The Evil Within - remove black bars, higher fps ..etc

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The Evil Within - remove black bars, higher fps ..etc

Postby Sethioz » Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:34 pm

I just tried out The Evil Within and found it stupid that it has black bars and 30fps limit. So i found a way to remove them. It's quite easy and here's a tutorial:

1. Go to your Evil Within Folder "Base" folder, mine is located here:
Code: Select all
G:\Games\The Evil Within\base

2. Inside that folder, create a new file called "config.cfg"
You can easily do that by creating a new .txt file and renaming .txt to .cfg
Make sure your windows is configured to show extensions or you end up creating "config.cfg.txt" which is not right!

3. Inside that file, put the one or all of the following lines:

Remove Black Bars
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r_forceaspectratio 0

Remove Frame Rate Limited or turn on vSync

- No fps limit
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r_swapinterval 0

- vSync on (same fps as your monitor refresh rate)
Code: Select all
r_swapinterval -1

- Half of your monitor's refresh rate (if you have 60hz monitor, refresh rate will be 30)
Code: Select all
r_swapinterval -2

Remove Glare Filter (not sure what it is, but found it on some forum, i think it's some gore / nudity filter)
Code: Select all
r_skipglare 1

When done, save the file

4. Now make a shortcut to your game (or if playing on steam, use launch options to add this)
- right click on shortcut > properties > target
- into target field add:
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+exec config.cfg

so in my case whole thing will look like this:
Code: Select all
"G:\Games\The Evil Within\EvilWithin.exe" +exec config.cfg

You can also add other things to Target line / steam launch options:

Enable console
Code: Select all
+com_allowconsole 1

Skip Intro
Code: Select all
+com_skipIntroVideo 1

I'm not sure, but i think anything that has SPACE in it, should be in quotes > "like so"
Haven't tested these last 2 commands.
Black bars and fps limit works perfectly.
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