How to use any controller in NFS Rivals !

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How to use any controller in NFS Rivals !

Postby Sethioz » Fri Jan 31, 2014 4:43 am

For those who hate 360 controller and want to use their own, you can use x360ce tool here:
(511.03 KiB) Downloaded 59694 times

Run the tool and it will make the necessary setting files, then go through the options and it should be all good to go. map your controller the way you want.
I used this to remap the idiotic, dumbtarded trigger acc/brakes onto analogues!

I don't know ... how can anyone play with those triggers, but maybe again that's why all the kids suck so much in games. when i use triggers, my grip on controller is not that good and I can't make precise movements with steering. anyway, whatever. here's how you can use ANY controller in rivals or just remap the Gay60 :)

NOTE - this works only if you launch the 32-bit version of NFS, it does NOT work on 64-bit.

Extract the content into your Need for Speed Rivals folder (it's where your nfs14.exe is)
run the program
setup your controller the way you want
click on "options" tab and set it up (see below for settings)
now you're done, close the program and run the game
game will read any .dll file from game folder, so no need to run the x360ce.exe, it's just for testing and settings

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Re: How to use any controller in NFS Rivals !

Postby gadget_addict » Sun Nov 09, 2014 8:46 am

Thank you so much for this help. Really appreciate.
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