Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (RE RC / ORC) Modding

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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (RE RC / ORC) Modding

Postby MagicalSilence » Fri May 25, 2012 12:48 pm

Apart from " Hacking " this game seems to be quite moddable
// So far Possible things ive learned my self

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1. Weapon Modding / Damage / Recoil / Range / Clip / Melee weapon Model swap for example Knife to Nemesis Tentacle ( will look like wood plant lol )

2.Model Swapping ( Swap Model of Lupo with Jill / Nemesis / Olivera / etc  ( for some reason ada wong been giving some hard time )

3.Script commands ( aka console command )

If you Have additional Information feel free to add

Weapon Modding Tutorial
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Tool's Required = Hex Editor

Find file " csv_pre.ssg " in your RE ORC Folder file in hex editor
2.Search for line " common/weapons.csv "
3. Replace one letter in common/weapons.csv as _ommon/weapons.csv for example.
4. Save
5. Now Find file called weapons.csv  ( its located in common/weapons.csv ) inside your REORC folder Changing weapon stats there Now Takes Effect in game.
( remember to backup all files before making modifications )

More Detailed Information will be added later
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