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Movie Logic - Buried alive

PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 8:14 am
by Sethioz
We should all know that in movies everything seems easy and logic / physics are always messed up, unless its a documentary. You know what movies i mean .. action, horror ..etc.
In many movies you see someone gets buried alive, in some they are able to get out, in some they die cuz of no oxygen ..etc
But what would really happen?

For start .. everything imagines that you would die because there's no air, but i don't think coffin is air tight, coffin has no seals. Also i'm quite sure that dirt/sand is NOT air tight. I mean there are lot of mammals that live underground and they can breathe just fine, so i think that movies are going way wrong with this bullshit that you run out of air in a coffin buried underground.

MythBusters were testing this myth, but they were too scared to go thru with it. Jamie was too afraid to go thru with this + they made the biggest mistake in physics, they used a big plastic box, put a coffin at bottom and filled it with dirt .. that's all WRONG, because plastic walls are solid, therefore if you fill that box with dirt, coffin will have lot more pressure on it than it would have in natural environment. It's simple physics, just like with water. If you have a small lake that is like 10cm depth and then you take a glass that is 10cm tall, if you fill that glass with water then at bottom of that glass water will have more pressure on the bottom of glass than it has at bottom of that 10cm deep lake.
Hope this makes sense. Same with dirt/sand.
So burring a coffin in "controlled environment" like in MythBusters is just wrong. If anyone's seen that episode in MythBusters, they said that coffin is not strong enough to take the weight .. are they saying that every burried coffin has collapsed?

And about breaking out of coffin, i think its doable. If i'd have equipment, i'd do the test myself. Instead of scratching the coffin and trying to push the top open (which will never happen), i'd start kicking the footer part. I'm quite sure i'd be able to break the footer, then slowly start moving all the dirt from footer to header and by doing so, you move yourself out of coffin. Also it would be necessary to build yourself some sort of "breather helmet" cuz you can't breathe if dirt goes into your nose and mouth, so you'd have to filter it thru clothes. It might get very difficult once you're out of coffin, but once out, you can start digging upwards. You can also break the coffin as much as possible and use those pieces as structure to keep "safe area" for digging.

Anyway, what you people think of this situation?
1. Is it possible to breathe underground? (considering that you don't have dirt/sand stuck in your nose and mouth)
2. Would it be possible to break the coffin?
3. Would it be possible to dig yourself out of the ground? (actually this part was also tested in mythbusters, but only up to a part where you're buried to your neck and it was possible to get out, so i think it would be possible if you can breathe)