Need for Speed 2014 Movie

Need for Speed 2014 Movie

Postby Sethioz » Fri May 23, 2014 10:47 pm

I just watched the NFS Movie .. i gotta say, i haven't seen worse plot/story. Whoever came up with this story must have no brains / logic at all or he wanted to make it for little kiddies and teach them how to kill themselves on streets, behind a car's wheel.

Offtopic for a bit, but i think that the more realistic movies are, the less likely people will try to mimic the moves made in movies, if it seems like you can jump a car at 200km/h and take no damage and keep on rolling, then every street punk with some shitty ass car will try it. In reality, you can break your bones from the landing shock alone, even if car takes no damage, you may break your bones. There was one guy who made some huge jump with his car (not ken block) and landed perfectly on all 4 wheels, as result he broke his back and never walked again, even tho car was still driveable and it looked like it was a perfect jump.

First of, i didn't even understand the story really, some guys just getting together talking about their bad past and then building up another car and selling it, then they get into arguement who is better racer, so 3 guys with Koenigsegg Ageras go for a race in city (no GPS route), not even sure how they know where to go? where's start? where's finish? can you take short cuts? WTF ...
Then so called "bad guy" pushes one dude off the road and kills him, he rans off and reports his cars missing (those Ageras were his cars) and says that those other guys stole them. Like .. WHAT THE FUCK .. who's the idiot who made up this part of story, i think that even some shitty countries like africa, india (no offence) have fucking CAMERAS ON HIGHWAYS / STREETS ...
so wtf, there are no more cameras in america?????? even a little child would think of a fucking camera lol.

Then he goes to jail (the good guy who "stole" the cars), gets out and wants to get back to that guy by winning some big stupid race. So he asks for a favor and gets a car, then he just goes berserk over the city to get attention by the host of race and enter the race, THEN out of nowhere, some bad guys just show up and start ramming him off the road and shooting him .. then all the sudden out of nowhere, his friend turns up in a military helicopter and gives them a lift (hooking car to a heli) .. WHAT THE FUCK?? like seriously ... all those random moments. Where did he get a military helicopter so fast? how did he know he gets attacked and needs a lift? how did he get there so fast?

And then this big race at end, host of the race was streaming it. First of, location was suppose to be a secret, but on streaming screen (one that public sees), they show the whole route plotted already ... like WTF?! so that cops can just go and setup road blocks (which they didnt).
AND then this race is suppose to be winner takes all cars (6 racers), but what will he do with the cars if he goes to jail for like rest of his life for extreme speeding and crashing cop cars? as far as i know, pushing a cop car off the road is serious crime or pushing off another racer, it can be called attempt of murder.
so WHAT THE FUCKING POINT OF THE RACE???? it wasn't even anonymous, they announced the names over the stream lol.

So yeah, whoever came up with this storyline for the movie must be braindead or RETARDED, but again this is what you can expect nowdays.
Also why the fuck cop helicopter flies so low that it almost takes down the trees and posts? that's so lame ... only a complete RETARD would fly helicopter that low, it has no tactical advantage and it makes no sense and it doesn't look cool either.

OH and then lets go on with this nonsense, police is discussing a road block and saying they going too fast for spike strip (why?? i guess cuz they might kill the racers with it) .. and then after a bit, one cop puts stick onto accelerator and puts in gear just before the cars go, ramming a Veyron Super Sport off the road .. and that isn't trying to kill them??? WHAT FUCKING SENSE DOES THIS MAKE!?
..including that cop helicopter that hovers really close to road, trying to block racers, but then pulls off just before they come?! in real life, helicopter would land on the road, so racers will see that there is no way that heli can move.

It did have some nice action in the movie, but that's about it. Worth a watch, but then you laugh afterwards over how lame the storyline is and that it makes no sense at all. like seriously, this is the worst plot EVER! I have seen some crap movies, but only cuz they had low budget, clearly this movie is not low budget, if they can afford to get cars like Veyron Super Sport and Koenigsegg Agera into the movie, they must have some money to spend on the movie + those crap movies i've seen didn't have such bad plot, just bad actors and effects, this movie surely has worst storyline i've ever seen.
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