How to get injection working with zd1211 chipset (zydas)

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How to get injection working with zd1211 chipset (zydas)

Postby Sethioz » Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:39 pm

This tutorial teaches you how you can get injection working with A-Link USB adapter that uses zd1211 chipset. chipset name can be different, it may also say "zydas 1211". this is what zd stands for "zydas"

1. download compat-wireless drivers 2.6
2. download zd1211 / zydas 1211 driver injection patch
3. unpack both into same folder
4. browse into the directory where you unpacked them (using console ofcourse) (make sure that patch is in the root directory of drivers)
5. now apply the patch with the following command:

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patch -Np0 -i patch_file_name_here

example if you have not renamed the patch file:

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patch -Np0 -i zd1211rw-inject+dbi-fix-2.6.26.patch

6. type "make" however you should skip this step
7. type "make install" note that it might take quite a long (5 mins or so).

you are done, reboot and it should work, if not, then try these steps:

8. type "make unload" in order to unload the old driver
9. type "modprobe zd1211rw" to load the new driver

most likely you do not need steps 8 and 9, worked without those for me, i only rebooted and worked.
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