BeamNG drive camera fix - How to disable camera auto rotate

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BeamNG drive camera fix - How to disable camera auto rotate

Postby Sethioz » Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:08 pm

Ever since came out, that automatic and broken piece of shit camera has been getting on my nerves, the auto rotate that is absolutely useless.
For example if your view is on the side and you start reversing, it doesn't look back, instead it flips the camera 180, regardless where you look, so instead of looking back, camera goes opposite. if you look left and reverse, then camera goes to right.
I find it fucking annoying, i have no idea how devs think this is useful in any way.

So here's a quick fix to this

1. Go into your folder
2. Locate file "main.lua"
3. open it with notepad++ or any other proper text editor
4. find the following:
Code: Select all
    obj.camRelaxation = 3

5. change the value to like 99, save the file. done.

NOTE - with every beamng update, devs will fuck it up again, so you must make that change every time there is update. It's really annoying, but what can you do ... devs don't just listen. they do what they want, instead of listening to their paying customers. .. no wonder they are on edge of bankrupt....can't even fix a simple fucking camera.
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