How to merge / split PS3 game files easily

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How to merge / split PS3 game files easily

Postby Sethioz » Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:07 pm

First of, i don't know why retards even split the files, i guess so that they can use the gay idiotic fat32 external drives, which is nonsense shit. Just FTP into your PS3 and upload ... DUH!

Anyway, i recently got a game that was split by some moron and had to merge the 13 split files into 1.
There's a tool called "OpenSplit" that can easily do the job for you.
OpenSplit v1.2.rar
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Just run the tool (uses java, so you must have java installed) and select either split or merge.
Then choose the game folder or games folder and it will include ALL the sub-folders and splits any file that is too big for fat32 or merges any split files. There is not need for you to find the files yourself, just the main folder where game/s is/are. that's all.
However it may take like 10-50 minutes to do the merging, depending on your HDD speed.
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