How to make Exclusive facebook timeline covers + .pdf

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How to make Exclusive facebook timeline covers + .pdf

Postby KEN » Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:37 pm

There are many attractive facebook timelines out there. You can make one yourself too and it's quite simple using photoshop.By "exclusive" I mean something in which your profile pic is also a part of your cover picture.
Some examples of what you'll be doing:




the most recent one I made for my new page(1 day old page :P):

Lets start off.
If you want things to be simple, download this .psd I made and open it in photoshop:
(92.72 KiB) Downloaded 287 times

Open the cover pic you want for your profile / page, edit it the way you want.Decide which stuff should be on the cover and which on the profile pic and resize the cover to 850 x 315 when done.To resize either make a photoshop document of that size or use the .psd attached above and resize according to that. So now you have this:

Have a look on the right side highlight with red rectangle.
Now with 'Rectangular Marquee Tool' select the 180 x 180 area marked in the .psd and select your cover layer, "cover12" in the example pic above and make a 'layer via copy'.

Make a new photoshop image of size 180 x 180 and drag the layer created above to that document. Save that as 'profile pic.jpg' and do the same with your cover and save it as 'your cover.jpg'.

You have your cover and profile pic now, you can add them on facebook and you're done.

Want us to edit something for you or your page?
Post up under >> Requests <<
I will make it for you. If it is something which is very time consuming (like an original artwork or logo) , make a donation on the site and I'll make it for you.
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