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[Free quality education] Opencourseware

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:38 pm
by ronokae
Hey guys,
Well as hackers, PC-users, Script-kiddies, and people we all require some source of knowledge to obtain information, and though Google is definitely your best friend it would be nice to find information directly sometimes when beginning a new topic of learning.
My case is this, I was searching for some C++ information and other computing information + a few other things; on my search I found too many sites that gave overviews, and small examples that (with an extra 15 minutes of reading unnecessary commentary, etc) could give the information i sought for.

When you're looking for information most the time, that 15 minutes is far too precious to be wasted, and my caffeine-filled body simply cannot produce the energy for my mind to sift through it faster at 3.15AM.

Anyway I recalled I came upon this little Google trick a while ago where you could use certain operators (such as Intitle:, intext:, inurl:, etc..) to get more information with greater speed, now those were useful mainly because they took me in some cases directly into the index of some sites, even college websites that had all of the information i sought out, written out well, with detail that was relevant.
This helped greatly but then i discovered a term that I never heard before while reading off of a Massacheausettes Institute of Technology page:

Now many may be familiar with this term, but I was not, since discovering it, finding information has been SO easy, of course Google is always there for me.

So what it is from what I've learned is when Schools, Institutions, etc.. publish their courses and lessons, lectures, and more online. Its a form of free education, and its not like crappy stuff that you just go through, a lot of it consists of thorough lessons and descriptions that are concise and valid, some even show the class requirements (textbooks, etc) that you can find, and use in alignment with the course.

My point is, Google OpenCourseWare.

Its awesome, and its all over, It may not be so amazing but when I came across it I was majorly impressed that I've never seen it before.

Good learning guys

Re: [Free quality education] Opencourseware

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:31 pm
by Sethioz
those google "tricks" can be found under "advanced google search" .. duh

Re: [Free quality education] Opencourseware

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:07 am
by ronokae
Sethioz wrote:those google "tricks" can be found under "advanced google search" .. duh

Well yeah you have it under google pen******* under allies section.
But the focus of this post was on the amazing Opencourseware O.o,
the google was just mentioned in comparison/ for an FYI to readers..