[How To] convert mono to stereo (mp3, wav..etc)

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[How To] convert mono to stereo (mp3, wav..etc)

Postby Sethioz » Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:13 pm

Some may think this is completely pointless, because mono cannot really be made into real stereo, however in my case, my motherboard has 12 audio ports and it supports 7.1 audio playback, however it does not support mono. meaning that if i play mono track, then it outputs only on my center speaker, while stereo tracks can be used on "speaker fill" mode, so it outputs it into every speaker i have.
in short, i can't hear mono tracks at all from only center speaker, in this case i have to convert mono to stereo.

This can be done using Audacity (google it, its free).

1. open audacity
2. drag and drop your mono track in it
3. click anywhere on the track (in the blue sound wave area)
4. press CTRL+A (select all)
5. press CTRL+C (copy)
6. now click on empty space below the track (below blue waves in gray empty space)
7. press CTRL+V (paste), now track should appear twice.
8. on top track, left top corner, you see X and next to it track name with drop down arrow, click on it
9. select "make stereo track"
10. now on top of audacity, select "file" > "export" > save it as .mp3 (recommended) and click save, then ok when asked.
your done !
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