How to use PlayStation 3 ( PS3 ) controllers on PC

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How to use PlayStation 3 ( PS3 ) controllers on PC

Postby Sethioz » Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:58 am

It isn't very hard, but there are so many false tutorials out there and some ppl saying that it doesn't work on win 7 at all, so i decided to make my own.
it works with xp, vista and win 7 32 and 64 bit versions .. at least should. ive tested it on win 7 64, i see no reason why it shouldn't work on others.

First you need MotionPlay Gamepad tool. here i have included 32 and 64 bit verisons:

32 bit
(1.9 MiB) Downloaded 373 times

64 bit
(2.2 MiB) Downloaded 430 times

* plug your controller in, in vista / win 7 it seems like its been installed, it will say that "hardware is ready to be used" and it does appear under "controllers" in control panel, however none of the buttons work (if they do, then you're done, but it won't work)
* Install the tool and obviously allow if vista / gay 7 (win 7) asks.
* run the motioninjoy tool
* click on "driver manager" tab
* you see lot of shit there, try finding "hardware location" and "hardware id", under there you will see a checkbox and some numbers after it like "port_#0005.Hub_#0001" ..etc
check that checkbox
* now click on "load driver" button
- this will install the driver needed, it is signed so it should work with gay 7 and vista
* now click on "profiles" tab and select ps3 controller and click on "options" behind it.
* now there click on "enable" button.

now your controller should work, go to control panel to test. you can use the shortcut key under "options" called "game controller panel"

if controller buttons are still not working, manipulate the connect / disconnect of the controller and try clicking "enable" again.
also restart your computer and try again with "enable" button.
its just common sense to connect / disconnect and try loading again, however im very sure if you fllow this guide, it will work just fine.

as about the lights on PS3 controller, they usually go crazy. for example some ppl say that all 4 lights blink. for me, when they were blinking (all 4) it wasn't working, when i installed the stuff, then lights started going from 1 to 4. 1 was always one, while it went from 2 to 4. like an arrow pointing.
after i tested it in TDU2 game and came here to write the tutorial .. lights seem to be ON (all 4) and it still works.
some ppl say that PS button does something, but it has no special function, it acts just like a normal button. it has effect only when connected to PS3.

NOTE - MotioninJoy tool should support bluetooth too if you have one in your pc. so it should be possible to use your PS3 media remote with it, but i haven't tested, i don't have bluetooth in pc.

any problems ? feedback ? issues ? crashes ? .. post here.
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