Sim City 2000 NE Guide - how to play on win 7

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Sim City 2000 NE Guide - how to play on win 7

Postby Soapy » Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:26 pm

So i wanted to play a game called Sim City 2000 Network Edition but i couldnt find the version that works on windows 7 so Basicly I started wondering and grinding my gears in my head and came up with a simple solution which im not gonna reveal :P Anyways basicly its the same game as regular sim city 2000 but only in network that version dosnt come with singleplayer. And The most inportant thing is IF YOU GOING TO SHARE IT ANYWHERE make sure you give credit to me aka Soapy.

file is here

basicly you want a password to test it out here it is k7j5sevf29
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