How to use nVidia ShadowPlay & GeForce Experience OFFLINE

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How to use nVidia ShadowPlay & GeForce Experience OFFLINE

Postby Sethioz » Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:16 pm

Someone has been doing the same thing and keeps it up to date on github, check here -
I confirmed it works as of 30.apr.2019, it's quite simple really, just look at the version his app.js is for, however his version does not disable the stupid game scanning, you still have to do it manually as described in this topic below, it's not exactly same, but if you have brain, it's easy. Just find the gallery part and delete it.

This tutorial will explain on how to use nVidia Geforce experience and ShadowPlay without being connected to internet or simply if you want to block it.
Also includes a guide on how to disable game scanning!

I think Geforce experience is awesome without those idiotic functions, don't force people to be online. I hate this "online only" shit ... it works perfectly fine in offline mode, GAYvidia just wants to SPY on their users, so they force you to be online.
anyway let's get started, shall we?

Before starting, you have to block all nVidia related internet connections using a firewall or windows hosts files.
This is basic of the basics, so i'm not covering it here (or if you have offline PC, then it doesn't matter, but may screw things up when you go online).
I'm using Windows10 Firewall Control (free software) to do so, but any other know firewall, such as Comodo or Zonealarm would work fine too.
HOWEVER you can't block them completely, you must still allow LAN access, because ShadowPlay makes it's local server and needs to communicate with it.

Step 1
Install Geforce experience as normal
Do not run it, if it auto-starts, close it (make sure it's not running in taskbar)

Step 2
Go to geforce installation folder and locate /www/ folder
Code: Select all
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience\www

Step 3
Find and open App.js file in the /www/ folder
I highly recommend using Notepad++ for this task, it makes it easier.
NOTE - Whichever text editor you're using, I highly recommend using "admin mode" or well run the program as admin, otherwise you will have issues saving the file.

Step 4
Add the following code into right place - After ???() (where ??? is random symbol based on your geforce experience)
Code: Select all

First, replace ??? with correct symbol (according to your geforce experience version)

Step 4.1 - How to find correct symbol
From top, search for
Code: Select all

find second instance (this means, you search once, then search again by clicking "find next"
Right place looks like shown on the screenshot below.

You will see this line:
Code: Select all
"email not verified - verify if email belongs to locked domain"

In my case, the symbol is _ (underscore)
So it looks like this:
Code: Select all

Step 4.2 - Modify the code with correct symbol
So now that you know the symbol, replace the ??? in original code with your symbol.
So this
Code: Select all

Becomes this
Code: Select all

Step 4.3
Seen on screenshot above, the right place is pointed out with RED ARROW.
Right after the
Code: Select all

Paste the code given in Step 4 and modified in Step 4.2

Step 5 - Remove game scanning
Find and remove the following from the file:
Code: Select all
t.getGalleryItems=function(){return e.when()},t.saveSystemGames=function(t){return e.when()},t.updateSystemGames=function(t,n){return e.when()},

You should be able to find this entire string by simply searching for it, however if you don't, then try searching pieces of it. Just make sure it's RIGHT place.
This can change based on Geforce experience version.

Step 6
Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Again the symbol can be anything, to find the right place. Start your search from top of the file.
Search for
Code: Select all

and find second instance.
Modify only the second instance found, replace 1 with 0 at end.

Step 7
Save the file
If notepad++ tells you that you need to edit it in admin mode, then before clicking yes, select ALL text and copy it to your clipboard, then click yes, then notepad opens it in new window.
Paste the edited text over the newly opened file and then save.
This will probably happen.
Or you can prevent this, by opening notepad++ in admin mode before starting to edit.

Step 8 - Clear Geforce cache.
go to the following folder
Code: Select all
C:\Users\Your user name here\AppData\Local\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience\CefCache

Delete all the files within the folder

Step 9 - Launch Geforce Experience and it should bypass the login screen without any issues.
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