World Rally Championship 2010 (WRC2010) - hacks and hacking

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World Rally Championship 2010 (WRC2010) - hacks and hacking

Postby Sethioz » Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:48 pm

NOTE - if you do not know how to hack games, then first you must go to my Knowledge Database and search for something like "basic game hacking" or just game hacking. Everything is explained there, how to use tools to do the following hacks.

Demonstration Video of credits and levels
Demonstration video of time
Demonstration video of jumpstart and speed

Knowledge Database article of FIA World Rally Championship hacks has been released <

1. Credits
can be found on 4 bytes by searching for the amount of credits you have

2. Levels (online mode)
can be done, by searching for the experience points you have.
im not sure if it saves it or not, but it does show up for others.
it might be easier to do that using packet editors, but will take a deeper look into it.

3. Timer / Time
i have made a quick test, i was able to find the on-screen time, which is enought to get you first place in single player leaderboards (have not tested online effects), but it is not enought to get best ghost time or first place in ranking.

Can be found on "float" search type
it is pretty much what timer says on screen, but do the following search:
- search for 0 (float), while you are about to start the race (on count down, make sure that time is -- -- --)
- start the race, so timer shows something and search for "increased"
- now keep doing increased, while time is running. (make hotkey for "float" "2 increased" for faster searching)
- restart the stage and search for 0 again
- do the increasing again

you should be able to find it fast if you do it right.

4. Jump start and Speed

this is quite funny hack id have to say. you can jumpstart (it means you start before the countdown) and you can use "NOS".
its possible to change speed of wheels.
can be found on "float" type
search for proximate speed
for example, if your speed is 50, then do a ranged search from 40 - 60. this is necessary, because it is not actual car speed, but wheel speed and wheels may spin faster than you drive or other way around, car may slide.
each wheel has seperate speed, which means you will end up with 4 addresses (more, but you need 4).
now the thing is, if you make hotkeys for all 4 wheels, to like add 500 to current value and when you press it behind the start line, your car starts moving ! you can also make a tank like turning, by making hotkeys for left wheels and right wheels, then spin only one side wheels or spin them opposite directions to turn on spot, this can be extremely useful in an online race, if you spin out in middle of very tight road, like sweden, then you can easily turn around.
this also turns 2wd car into 4wd, does not matter if you have 2wd or 4wd, if you change wheel speed directly, it will work.


timer is what it shows. 10 seconds = 10. something in float.
so if your timer shows 00:10:20 do a range search from 9 to 11
if timer is 00:56:02 do a range from 55 to 57 on float. easy to understand.

How to breakpoint time:

this is bit tricky, because Tsearch and olly will give you wrong breakpoint, well not wrong, just too much.
follow my tutorials on knowledge database and sticky threads on forum > HERE
in order to find a breakpoint for time, once you have found it, Tsearch will show something like "Poke xxxxxxx 909090", this is wrong.
address you find is right, but what you do, is only one 90.
here is example of my easywrite script (in tsearch) to freeze stage timer

upper box:
Code: Select all
offset 0xA7B63A
hex 90

bottom box:
Code: Select all
offset 0xA7B63A
hex 11

as about the actual time, i think it does not start from 0. it might be on any type, float, 4 bytes or maybe even 8 bytes, dont think its 3 or less.
it needs "unknown" as first and then i assume it increases. because on this stage counter, you can see time running and you start off of like 1:00:00, like in real rally. thats what made me think its not running from 0.
once i find this, i can make 00:00:01 ghost times and upload them :)


i have made few searches for time, but it doesnt seem to be working. i can sucessfully freeze the stage time, in order to get 1st place, but it does not seem to be working for overall time as i said before.

what i have tried, is "float" and "4 bytes" unknown searches, by assuming that time increases when time goes by and decreases when stage is restarted. in germany stage, that counter on right shows 15.00.00 when you start.
however those searches did not succeed. i found about 30 addresses on both, froze all, but did not work.

Time might run down to something instead, but it makes no sense, because if you stand out all that time, then what happens if it reaches "0" ? if somebody is able to find the overall time, post it up.

i have tested time, but it doesnt seem to work even on unknown search. maybe somebody has time to do more searches, like using ArtMoney and ALL type. might work.
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