Tomb Raider 3 Adventures of Lara Croft - hacks and hacking

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Tomb Raider 3 Adventures of Lara Croft - hacks and hacking

Postby Sethioz » Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:05 pm

If you do not know how to hack games, then you should start by reading my wiki articles. two of them which can be used to start off, are listed below:

Basic Game Hacking
Unlimited Ammo Hack

It is best to follow unlimited ammo hack article first. but if you have never hacked a game, then read both articles.

Video Demonstration- unlimited air, health and ammo demo

NOTE about Health - when finding breakpoints, there are lot of breakspoints for health, over 10. if you take damage from bullets, its one function, if you take damage by falling, its other, if you take damage by falling to death, its another one again. if you dive into ground and die, its different ..etc. so you must find breakpoint for each possible way lara can take damage and NOP them out, to achieve 100% immortality. however if you dive into ground, game will be over, because lara breaks her bones and can not get up, while you can still take out weapons and shoot.


1. unlimited flares / medkits

can be found on 1 byte search
by searching for amount of flares or medkits (best done on flares)
once found, follow the unlimited ammo hack and do the following using tsearch (other tools will work too, but this example is for Tsearch)
find the breakpoint for "flares decreased" (or medkits)
click on TMK and button script
make a new easywrite script and do this
poke address and value will go into upper box like so:

Code: Select all
offset xxxxxx
hex 9090909090

unpoke address and value goes into bottom box the same way

Code: Select all
offset xxxxxx
hex xxxxxxxxxx

if you have read the articles mentioned above, you know how.
this will prevent flares and medkits from decreasing when used.


2. Unlimited ammo
- uzis
- mp5
- shotgun

first pay attention to wiki articles which are mentioned above ! you will find nothing if you search on 4 bytes. not working. you must use proper byte when searching !
for this old game, it sure is amazing. i am at beginning of game and have only pistols and shotgun (found in first secret)
so i was able to test only with shotgun.
shotgun ammo is multiplied with 3. so if you have 1 shell on screen (and inventory), then you search for 3.
if you have 6 shells, then you search for 18.

then same as with medkits/flares. find bp, see the tmk button and write easywrite script.
tested on uzis, mp5 and shotgun, should work on all other weapons that has bullets.

- grenades (grenade launcher)

can be found on 1 byte by searching for the value of grenades.
then same, find breakpoint, tmk button and write easywrite script.

- rockets

has to be done seperately from rest, can be found on 1 byte by searching for amount of rockets

- harpoons

again has to be done seperately from rest of the ammo
can be found by searching for the amount of harpoons on 1 byte
NOTE - different breakpoints for minisub and harpoon gun !


3. Infninite air
max air is 1800 (do not use 4 bytes, use proper byte mode or you wont find it !)
to make sure you find it, go into water and then swim on surface, wait until air is filled. then search for 1800.
go under and filter for decreased, then use whatevery works for you.

NOTE - if using the minisubmarine, then it has to be done seperately. address is same, but breakpoint is different. so you must find 2 breakpoints. also when using minisub, then air still decreases when attacked ! so for that, there is 3rd breakpoint.


4. Infinite health
max health is 1000
search for it, then play around to filter.


it seems like you can easily edit items and get anything you want, maybe even some items/weapons that are not suppouse to be used by lara.
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