How to hack / get unlimited ammo in single player games

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How to hack / get unlimited ammo in single player games

Postby Sethioz » Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:32 am

Knowledge Database article ofUnlimited Ammo Hack
I strongly recommend you read the wiki article, instead of this post.

This tutorial will teach you how to hack/get ammo in games, using a memory editor / scanner and debugger.

Tools used:
Tsearch (or any other good memory scanner, like artmoney, cheat engine..etc)
Olly Debugger (it is not needed, but some games crash when you use Tsearch's debugger)
Immunity debugger kind a like olly. sometimes better than olly, but sometimes worse.
Cheat Engine
Kiki's engine
moonlight engine

Important: consider running your game in an window mode before starting, it will save you a lot of time. if you do not know how, then first look into your game settings (inside game go to options and video ..etc), if game does not have option for that, then take a look here > How to run games in windowed mode


    Q: What games ?
    A: nearly all games that has ammo in it (99% of games)

    Q: is it dangerous to my computer or OS (operating system) ?
    A: absolutely NOT, it is just as writing something into a notepad, instead of notepad you will be writing values into game's memory.

    Q: can i damage my game with this ?
    A: NO, this is memory hacking, it means that you are not touching any of the game files.

    Q: do i need any computer knownledge before starting ?
    A: considering that you already know how to install programs and type (and other basic stuff like this), then no.

    Q: how can i switch between game and memory scanner ?
    A: use either ALT+TAB or CTRL+ESC to minimize your game.
If you have more questions, then feel free to post em here.


1. Open Tsearch

2. Open your game you want to hack
-simply run your game and then minimize

3. Click on "Open Process" in Tsearch
-or the lil drop down box on right side of the "open process" button

4. Open the game.exe you want to hack
-where game.exe is the game you want to hack

5. Go into game and check the amount of your ammo and ammo type
-Ammo Types:
a. some games show ammo as 30/200, where 30 is the ammo you have currently in CLIP and 200 is the ammo you have left
b. some games show ammo simply as 300. usually miniguns, lasers..etc have such ammo, where there is no clip.
c. in some games, you can either hack "in clip" ammo or "ammo left"
d. in some games, you can only find the "total amount" of ammo. "total amount" is 30/200 = 230
- i explained those, so if you do not find the ammo in the methods i will describe, then you know that you need search for other type of ammo. i will only cover the "ammo left" part, but it is same as other "ammo types". its just that in some games you can get infinite ammo with and without reload, but in others you can only get it without reload.

6. Your ammo shows 30/500 in game.
-i will cover the part where you hack the "ammo left" (500) part, so you have to reload ammo into your clip

7. go into Tsearch and start 1st search by clicking on the "magnificint glass" icon (right under open process)
-window pops up

8. Choose "Exact Value" type in 500 (amount of your ammo) and leave it on "4 bytes" (choose 4 bytes if its not that already).

9. Click ok and wait until search finishes. on slow computers it may take long, depending on the pc and the game you hack
-when search is done, then click ok in the searchbar popup window (DO NOT click cancel)

10. now go back into game, shoot few bullets and reload.
-you shot 3 bullets and reloaded, leaving 497 bullets left in the "ammo left" counter and 30 in clip

11. go into Tsearch and click on the "next scan" button. it is the magnificant glass with ... at end (the next button from the first mag glass)
-window pops up saying "search next"

12. leave everything same, exept now you type in the value of 497 and hit OK to search
-wait until search is done and click ok on searchbar

13. repeat step/s 8 to 12 until you end up with 1-10 addresses (it says "Found : xxxxxxx" in RED under the search window)

Click on the Green + Icon to add address/s to the 'cheat list'
-click the left + to add 1 address or click the right + to add ALL addresses, you will have to add ALL.

15. If you ended up with 1 address then skip steps 16 - 19

16. Freeze the first address by checking the checkbox in front of the address in the 'cheat licst'

17. go into game, shoot and reload.
- if ammo did not decreased in 'ammo left' counter, then you have found the right address and you can delete other ones.
- make SURE that ammo does not decrease by shooting LOTS of ammo and reloading, in some games it is only 'on screen' counter and actual ammo still runs out.
- if ammo decreased, follow next step

18. go back into Tsearch and unfreeze that address.

19. choose next address and freeze that.
-keep doing that until you will find the address that will actually freezer your 'ammo left'

20. now when you have found the right address, you can simply keep it freezed and you have yourself unlimited ammo.
-in lot of games when you restart the game or simply when game has a loading point, then that address changes, this is where you need debugger.

21. in Tsearch click on "autohack" and "enable debugger"

22. click on "autohack" and "autohack window"

23. unfreeze your address in case its still frozen

24. right click your ammo address and choose "autohack"

25. go into game, shoot and reload (do not do anything else like moving or jumping or changing weapon)
- if your game crashes, then follow the Olly Debugger part below

26. now check the 'autohack window'. choose the last breakpoint that shows up (the bottom one if theres more than one)

27. freeze/poke that breakpoint by checking the checkbox in front of the breakpoint (address).

28. go into game and try shooting and reloading
- if ammo decreases, then you did something wrong !

29. now unfreeze the breakpoint, highlight it and click on the "TMK" button in 'autohack' window and choose "button script"
- window pops up saying "tmk button script"

30. now in "easy write" window. write the following based on the TMK window

31. upper window should say this:
Code: Select all
offset 0xZZZZZZ
hex 90909090

where ZZZZZZ is the address that TMK window shows
and where 90909090 is the "poke" of the TMK. if theres 9090, then you write 9090 ..etc
should be easy to understand

32. into bottom window, goes exact same, only that in TMK you will take the "unpoke" part.
Code: Select all
offset 0xZZZZZZ
hex 123456

where ZZZZZZ is the same address shown in TMK window and where 123456 is the original value shown in TMK window, under "unpoke"

you can now set hotkey for your script to enable/disable your hack


Olly Debugger
in case Tsearch is crashing your game when you enable or use 'autohack' (debugger), then you can try to use Olly instead.
olly is not a memory scanner so you can not search for values with this. Olly is debugger.
so in other words, this part only works when you have found your ammo address.
open olly
under 'file' choose 'attach'
choose the game.exe and click on 'attach' button
on the bottom side of window that opens, right click and choose 'go to' - expression
type in the ammo address you have found and tested
click ok
right click on the address it found and choose "breakpoint" - hardware, on access - byte
- this is the same that 'right click' ' autohack' in Tsearch
click on the "B" button to open Breakpoints window in Olly, to view the found breakpoints
from there you can already get the necessary addresses to do the trick in Tsearch by adding those breakpoints.
it is basically same as Tsearch's autohack, so i do not add more details (feel free to ask details if you really need em)
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Re: How to hack / get unlimited ammo in single player games

Postby Abdulla » Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:51 pm

Hello Sethioz thank you very much for this program, i am very happy how van find this program its very fine for me but i have one problem i Cant save the parameters in T-search ok i save it but when i open again project not working in Farcry2 for Pc what i can do help me please thank you Sethioz.
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Re: How to hack / get unlimited ammo in single player games

Postby Sethioz » Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:05 pm

this is why you need to use debugger to find breakpoints.
here is the FarCry2 hack tutorial.
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re:resident evil 4

Postby mickey2203 » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:31 pm

how to change from first aid kit to chicago typewritter, i didn't get the intermediate steps, do i require some software
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Re: How to hack / get unlimited ammo in single player games

Postby Sethioz » Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:32 pm

read the resident evil hacking topic. its all explained there, in details. this is wrong topic.
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Re: How to hack / get unlimited ammo in single player games

Postby T-R-O-N » Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:07 pm

Hello Sethioz

i have a problem, i have windows 7 ultimate 64 Bit.
i found with CE and tsearch the Ammo value in AVP 3 (Marine) (Steam version), but when i freezed the value 99,
that works NOT. The ammo count is going down further, is the only bit of windows 7 64 ?
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Re: How to hack / get unlimited ammo in single player games

Postby Sethioz » Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:57 pm

you are looking at the wrong thread, look here > Aliens vs Predator 2010 (avp 3) - hacking and hacks
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