Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

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Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Postby Sethioz » Fri Dec 12, 2008 3:58 pm

tought ill post few tips about it.
1. max mass
2. max energy
3. current mass
4. current energy

max mass and energy can be found using Tsearch.
use 4bytes search and search for the amount you have, then build a mass/energy storage and filter for next value.

current mass and energy are way harder. It can be found on Float search type and not by searching for exact values.
here's example:
your mass is 303
-you search for RANGE from 302 to 304
-now gain or lose some mass
-now your current mass is 500
-you filter for range from 499 to 501
NOTE - current energy and mass are not exact values, this is why you have to use range.

don't really know what to make for it, because there's already few trainers that give you mass, energy, invincible units...etc.
ideas are welcome.
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Re: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Postby Sethioz » Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:59 pm

Here's something awsome you can do :) It's more like editing than hacking, but anyways...
go into this folder
Code: Select all
Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance\gamedata

.SCD files can be opened using WinRAR (or unpack them).
units.SCD file is most interesting :). it contains all units data, so you can change anything you want.
health, armor, shield heatlh, shield regen time, shield regen rate...etc
Now units are quite messed up in there, i mean it is not by names, but by a unit code (same codes you see in the "spawn list" when using cheats on skirmish)
Here's the list of Aeon Buildings:

Code: Select all

Buildable Base

uab0101 - land factory
uab0102 - air factory
uab0103 - naval factory
uab0201 - land factory tech 2
uab0202 - air factory tech 2
uab0203 - naval factory tech 2
uab0301 - land factory tech 3
uab0302 - air factory tech 3
uab0303 - naval factory tech 3
uab0304 - quantum gateway
uab1101 - power generator t1
uab1102 - hydrocarbon power plant
uab1103 - mass extractor t1
uab1104 - mass fabricator t1
uab1105 - energy storage
uab1106 - mass storage
uab1201 - power generator t2
uab1202 - mass extractor t2
uab1301 - power generator t3
uab1303 - mass fabricator t3
uab2101 - point defence t1
uab2104 - anti-air turret t1
uab2108 - tactical missile launcher
uab2109 - torpedo launcher t1
uab2204 - anti-air flak artillery t2
uab2205 - torpedo launcher t2
uab2301 - point defence t3
uab2302 - heavy artillery installation t3
uab2303 - artillery installation t2
uab2304 - anti-air SAM launcher t3
uab2305 - strategic missile launcher
uab2310 - heavy experimental installation t3
uab3101 - radar system t1
uab3102 - sonar system t1
uab3104 - omni sensor array t3
uab3201 - radar system t2
uab3202 - sonar system t2
uab4201 - tactical missile defence
uab4202 - shield generator t2
uab4301 - heavy shield generator t3
uab4302 - strategic missile defence
uab5101 - wall section
uab5102 - aeon transport beacon
uab5103 - aeon quantum gate beacon
uab5202 - air staging facility
uab5204 - concrete
uabse0001 - heavy orbital defence
xab1401 - experimental resource generator
xab2307 - rapid-fire artillery installation
xab3301 - quantum optics facility

Civilian Base

uac1101 - residental structure
uac1201 - science lab
uac1301 - administrative structure
uac1401 - agricultural center
uac1501 - manufacturing center
uac1901 - seraphin ruins
uac1902 - network node
xac0101 - aeon boat
xac1101 - (no name)
xac1401 - science facility
xac2101 - aeon palace (super shield generator)
xac2201 - aeon temple
xac2301 - loyalist supply depot
xac8001 - wall segment
xac8002 - wall segment
xac8003 - wall segment
xac8101 - palace wall segment
xac8102 - palace wall segment

NOTE - i have some mods installed and i have more units than there's normally in FA.
UA - Aeon
UR - Cybran
UX - Seraphin
Those are the 2 first letters in unit codes that should specify the faction, but im not sure !
for example "ueb0101" should be land factory for UEF and "urb0101" cybran land factory.
you have to check the spawnlist in the game, i really can't bother to type them all out (start new skirmish with option "allow cheats" on, now in skirmish press "ALT+F2" to open spawnlist).
anyways best method is to run game in window and then check the spawnlist. so you can find the right unit to edit.
EDIT - scratch that. LAST letter points to land, sea, air. for example if unit is URL, then it means its Land unit, URA is Air unit and URS is sea unit.
URB shows that its Base.

Editing itself is quite easy. Just extract the "_unit.bp" file from the unit you want. This file contains the data of unit (health, armor...etc). open in text editor and just READ, there's exlanation what is what.

Here's the Modding topic about SupCom FA -click here-
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Re: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Postby hideo » Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:37 am

i already searched and found the address but then how come i can't change the value? i mean i change the value to 4000 and then alt+tab back to game and the value dont change and i check the address again the value is equal to the one before, im sure its the correct address because the address value always equal with the in game value it just that it doesn't want to change the in game value
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Re: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Postby Sethioz » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:38 pm

SupCom has several addresses that has right value, but only one address changes the actual in-game value. so you prolly did it on wrong byte. as you see one is float and other is bytes, but i tested and both works.
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Re: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Postby hideo » Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:17 am

i can always find the address using range 2 bytes because max resource in the game is 2500. anyway after i found them, i still cannot change the value using t search. i've tried to use art money, cheat engine and gamewiz also but they all cannot change the value. and whenever i try to search using float type range of my exact value, eg my money is 500 i search 499 and 501 but after the 2nd search it return 0 there seem to be something wrong with the game, maybe its too powerful to be memory edited like warcraft 3??

anyway do you want to try to hack the game yourself?? the game title is warlord battlecray 3 and u can DL using torrent. it will be great if u can cheat it, thank you if u do
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Re: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Postby Sethioz » Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:58 am

well it worked fine for me, so it has to work for everybody. this is not something that works on certain pc or OS.
your problem maybe in the memory tool. in Tsearch do this:
View - Options - Map Area
enable ALL options there and click OK
suprisingly i had problems in "genesis" (it is SEGA game emulator) and i didn't find the RIGHT address, because some of the things there was not enabled. I always keep them all on, but it is usually not needed. on SupCom it is needed.

There's similiar options in ArtMoney too. so in ArtMoney search for ALL. < this is how i found it first time in SupCom. and with float you should give it a bigger range. like if you have 500, then try 497 - 503. that will find it for sure.

If you wanna discuss some other game, then make a new topic for it. maybe ill take a look in it and update that topic or maybe somebody else have hacked it. in meanwhile try searching for trainer for it.
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