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Watch Dogs 2 - Hacks / Trainers / Cheats [PC]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:46 pm
by Sethioz
Trainers available HERE

If you're wondering why it took me a while to look into WD2, then that's because I don't want to support #ubiSHIT, so I was waiting for the crack. I've been scammed and disappointed by ubiSHIT so many times, that just NO MORE. So finally CPY released a crack and i'll be doing some hacks for watch dogs 2.
Most likely to come are basic stuff, such as health, ammo, money ..etc, but also I'll be making my signature trainer "MovementZ". So stay tuned, i'll be updating this topic as I progress through the game and hacks.

Trainers will be posted in my Store as usual.

I have teleport, but can't find the speed atm. Will check later, got bored of hacking it, so i'll play it for a while
Also teleport is different for cars and when on-foot, so had to make 2 scripts and the one for car is bit messed up, bouncing between cars, needs a better compare or something, can't be assed atm.
Not really interested in hacking the game, but i'll try and fix the teleport for player car and get speed hack too.