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Alien Isolation (AI) Hacks / Trainers / Cheats

Postby Sethioz » Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:19 pm

I've done it again, RAPID FIRE and other cool shit. I've been playing Alien Isolation for a while and doing a walkthrough on it, but now it's time to hack it. I took a quick look around and found somebody's idiotic .ct table where this retard doesn't even realize what a pointer scan does or is. He have mapped things without realizing that only Slots can be mapped, they change depending on level and how many items you have in total. So anyway, i didn't find anything useful and i did it myself, here's a list of hacks i have so far:

1. Health (change on will or freeze)
4 bytes
1000 is full health

2. Unlimited Ammo in Clip (all weapons)
4 bytes
is as shown

3. Unlimited Items
4 bytes
is as shown

4. Rapid Fire
This is part of weapon stats and i'm not giving this out, it's too awesome to let some dumb script kiddies run around with this and brag that they made it. Never again.

5. Weapon Animations and Effects
This is just for show, but i can make revolver shoot fire, like flamethrower, it doesn't do fire damage, it's just the visual effect, but looks cool.

6. Single shot / Automatic
This turns revolver and shotgun into a automatic mode, so that you don't have to click the button each time.

That's all i got right now, but i want to map more stuff and see if i can turn revolver into a BEAST that shoots molotovs or how about a rapid fire, ranged stun baton?
Then i go into area with alien and see who's the superior race, put some fear into that alien :)

Check my videos on my youtube (will release more and more, so just check)

EDIT: Take a peek into the Alien Isolation /root/ folder, there are interesting files, such as Alien Attack Data, which specifies who and how alien attacks, i think it's possible to make it ignore the player or make it attack androids (because androids and aliens seem to best of buddies)

EDIT2: Seems like my super weapons are too super, game can't handle them LOL. I crashed the game twice when i shot some dude in the face with my super shot-minigun. Funny shit. killed 2 androids just fine ... and i'm sure crash does not happen because of the shotgun, it happens when you shoot too many projectiles into humans lol.
I found a new SUPER fire mode, it shoots like 50 bullets per second and with shotgun x7 because shotgun shoots 7 bullets at once. It's AWESOME!
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